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UPDATED AUGUST 21ST, 2022 (v0.45.0)


The browser version cannot currently be uploaded to itch.io because of file size restraints. To play the game in your browser, click the link below:



Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg. Whether she gives in to the bliss of submission or uses her sexual appeal to her advantage on the battlefield is all up to you!

As you delve deeper into Carceburg’s mysteries, you’ll come to uncover the secrets surrounding the crisis that saw humanity defeated and enslaved by the sinister organization Peitho.

[Movement] WASD, Arrow Keys or Left Clicking
[Sprint] Left Shift or Move the mouse further from Jenna when clicking
[Use / Interact] E or Left Clicking
[Cancel] Q or Right Clicking
[Pause] ESC, F1
[Phone] Tab
[Toggle Sprite]

Guide to the Console
Guide to Save Files

The game isn't finished yet.



0.45.0 Android 602 MB
0.45.0 Windows 601 MB

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when i open the console i get "<RI.Hid> failed to read input report" how do i fix this?

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Hey there, I came here not expecting much - especially since I only just found the game, and noticed there was a long break between the last update and the 2020 release. I was not sure if the project had been abandoned. But after giving it a go, I gotta say I'm totally for this project and I'm impressed. Though I've yet to complete the entire game, I thought to give my thoughts for those who haven't played, and as well as for the developers.

There are plenty of lewd/NSFW games out there, and like any game you have to sift through the vast amount of bad ones, but then there are games with lewd/NSFW content that have a certain charm to it - with actual gameplay involved; not just point and click. There's an overabundance of games where the player is 99% skipping dialogue, looking at inanimate pictures rubbing against eachother like someone made a stopmotion video with play-doh and called it an "animation". The amount of cashgrabs I've seen out there is insane. Intertwined is how I would describe myself, with how smooth the experience has been here so far. There are even aspects of this game that some people can appreciate in other titles.

For starters, there's not much handholding involved - you do have to pay some attention to context clues and dialogue if you want to find items throughout the game. When the game finally opens up about >30 mins, there's plenty of areas to explore, all of which feels like this real, living, breathing world - with little restriction until you complete some objectives. At first I was expecting a straight shot through a linear story, with none of this depth. You have your defense stats, attack stats, and your other stats which can determine whether or not you pass speech checks. This is not a new thing in games, but it reminds me a bit of Fallout's speech system - just adds that extra edge of replayability so I can go back and see where that leads.

Speaking of replayability, there are these collectibles scattered throughout the world, and just when I was wondering if the devs implemented a way to replay these, they already thought to include a "view gallery" option in your room. There's a currency for purchasing items, there's a job board, there's a store with an abundance of variety for armor, weapons, etc. The attention to detail is wild! But more importantly, it has a charm that keeps me interested. There's plenty of NSFW scenes involved for those that are looking for those, but the game goes far beyond and delivers an experience that keeps you playing for hours. Although puns aren't my thing, I must say the prelewd had me hooked from the start. I also like to pet that cat sometimes. If you haven't played the game you'll be confused, but I can confirm there is in fact a cat, so of course the game is going to be a 10/10 for most cat owners across the world. Mine's name is Joji. She says the game is a solid 9/10, truly a cat-tastic experience if you will. 

Furthermore, the characters are designed to appear unique. Almost every character has some flair to their design. My only complaint here is how some of these characters lack a certain depth. I'll leave out spoilers, but my understanding is that most characters seem to fit into one of three categories: creepy, or creepy/bad, or nice at first, then turning into bad guy later. You rarely get to meet a character that isn't trying to have sex with you at some point in the story, and even then some of these lack a proper background that makes me care about them. I know from the start, there's a character that I'm trying to save, but the game hasn't spent enough time establishing that connection between Jenna and her for me to actually care for this person. As the player I know she's important to the protagonist, but if the game doesn't spend enough time showing me their story, or why I the player should care about this person, we won't feel that same impact.

Thus far, my only other complaint is in the way objectives can be completed at times. It feels like in order to complete Objective C, you must first complete Objective A > then Objective B > then Objective C in chronological order, or trigger dialogue before you can pick up items. I think when going back to replay the game, this could be annoying as people will know what to expect - so it becomes a matter of clicking on everything, skipping through those same scenes just to speed up and get back to playing. Though, there is an option included to skip challenges and get straight to the action.

Everything seems so well-crafted at this point, I felt that out of all the reviews which fail to address these things, this needed to be said: great job. Don't give up.


Aww, you have a very cute cat!

Thank you for the thought out review, it is very appreciated! ❤️

pleas make in work on mac as well!


You can play the browser version on mac! :)


well its not as good as playing normally, but thank you.

i accidentally clicked esc and now the game cant go on fullscreen anymore. how do i fix this?

how do i get it to work on android? I downloaded it but it dosent load in.

does it have animations?


How do I get to sleep with party members? I only get "elija aquí" (I guess it should be "choose here" in english)  and it doesn't let me choose

how to use console command on android ?


If i buy the steam version do i get the patreon stuff ingame

Steam version is one month behind Patreon version, but it comes with free updates.

Hey there been wanting to get back into this game, I have a save file for this from an older version in my cloud, will it work if I download it again? I think the save file is from when we had that easter bunny outfit

yup, should work. The game comes pre-loaded with savefiles too (bottom right corner of load menu)

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How can I get the v.0.45, bc I have the precedent version ? Should I download the new one ?

Download the latest one.

Has anybody asked you to make Linux version? If not I guess I will be the first one. It shouldn't be too hard to recompile for Linux on Unity. If you can't it would be nice if you told us why. I actually wonder what might be the reason not to do so.

We don't want to support yet another version when there is so many ways to play the windows or webgl version on linux.

Does anyone have a completed save file for android I accidentally deleted mine

Best games I ever seen

I really enjoy the game. But I need help. I bought the Steam version yesterday and when I play, it appears to me as if it is a lower version than the free one. In fact in "Picking up the pieces" right after you get out of prison, Throbb mentions that we should go distract ourselves, and from this point the main story does not advance. I already went to the bar as mentioned in some comments but nothing happens. I already did all the missions of the bar but still the same. I can only advance on Pethit's path but I don't want to, I want to play the main story. Does anyone know if it's a bug or is there something I did wrong? Any way to fix it? Please, I really enjoy the game, but I've been trying to get through the main story for hours and I can't.

Heya, that's the end of the implemented main story on any version. We're workin gon more, but we will need some time to get it done. You can check the steam community page of the game and see the changelog. Also you can see which content you haven't seen yet in the gallery.

How do you get alot of money in this game?

Enable console in settings


money.add 10000

wait is that a cheat?

I guess you could say that. It's just a console command, there's a bunch of them.

To see them all, use the "help" command

Does this game have animations?

some scenes have animations

Hey, so I've tried downloading the game lIke no joke around 6-7 times and it keeps getting stuck at 480/600 MB and says couldn't download due to server errors. How could I fix this? (I'm downloading the APK version on Android)

I'm stuck finding Lumber Rat Ray after speaking to Jewel in the "A night to remember quest". I came to Slums and nobody's there. What am I supposed to do?

Same here. No clue what to do now.

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I updated the game from 0.44.0 to 0.45.0 but all it really did was make my game crash a lot more, like everytime I would go in or out of a building there would be a 90% chance my game would just crash, should I just make a new save?



Is there any way to edit which gallery scenes you've unlocked? I accidentally deleted my save file and I want to recheck off the ones that I did without unlocking everything since I was using the gallery to keep track of my progress?


Stuck on the floor with the blue slime girl, what to do now?

what time gap is between this free version and steam version? (what im asking is when version that is now avalaible on steam when will it be public for free?)

One month, but the free version has some of the content cut.

I haven't played in a bit but how do you get to martin's bar from the resistance camp? I went the abandoned house route and it says I shouldn't go out

I think the motel bathroom left toilet

yeah I went back to a save where I was still in carcenburg and found the place, thanks!

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Its been a while since I've done a full playthrough of the game so I'm curious, is there any lore behind Lady? Like why does she have those scars and what appear to be prosthetic limbs?

I'm stuck on that mission too.. I just can't find Rida in the whole level... Enduo please help (homecoming mission) 

End of implemented content

I don't understand this.. Isn't it in the version I'm playing? How do I understand?

We have not made more content for the main story yet.

Anyone know how to complete the homecoming mission?

Great game so far!

Only issue I am running into that I can't seem to find a resolution to in these comments is during the battle with the fiends in "The Hub" arena.

If any of my characters die or the enemy, then the game is frozen. I am unable to end turn specifically, tried reloading a bunch of previous saves, changing game settings etc with no luck. The character that died also seems to stay in the game.

Anything you can recommend? 



How do I leave the room? It keeps saying no badge but i dont see the badge anywhere


Open your inventory and equipt it.

It's not in there for some reason

There is a console command screen you can bring up. If you can't find the badge, type in ("help" without the "", to get a list of all commands, explore from there or)  item.give klaus badge 

I think it's klaus badge, but I might be a little off. If you don't want to "cheat", you're just going to have to start all over again, or load an earlier save. 

Will the full version be available on android? If so can't wait to buy it :)))


Is it just me, or are enemies generally stronger than the player? Plus, why can't I heal companions? I'm doing the quest in the slums, where you have to defeat a few different rats, and those fights are no fun.

I believe the healing ability is only for the other chick you've met at the bar. I forgot her name. I never know Jenna could heal. So... Yeah... Or maybe the dev add new ability to jenna that heals? Idk... Yet.

Maybe I'm just blind to it, but it seems I can only heal Jenna with the healing items. And since the enemies kill the other chick really fast, it's a "bit" annoying to be outnumbered in every fight. I know there's that skip mode, but using it to win the fights won't progress the quest.

Personally, I will take that side quest from bulletin board when I have full team + got my free weapon or even buy it myself. 

Its difficult for me to become pure. Lol. 


I want to buy this game. but I will not buy an unfinished game. please do your best to get this done. so far the Demo has been awesome. I really enjoyed it.


Believe it or not, an unfinished game also costs money to make. Glad you enjoyed it tho!


oh, I do believe it.  but I fear that I will end up buying a game that will never be finished. Therefore I am holding off on buying it.




Even "Unfinished" - there is sooo much content in this. Thr multiple story paths will definitely take a while.


Is it actually possible to rescue karen in the very beginning as part of "tracking the tracker"?

No, you can't.

Hi all, quick question. Will there at any point in the future or is there a way now to just purchase the android version of the game instead of the monthly fee? I do not want a monthly charge, have enough of them as is but would love to purchase this game for my phone. Thanks.

You can just download the free version on this itchio page. Maybe we'll sell the full release on here too, not sure yet.


It says that the pinup "Peitho Breeding" is on the first floor of the abandoned mansion, but I don't see it anywhere. Did anyone else find it?


I played the game before this update so i thought is there anyway to load my save in the new version ?

It depends on what platform you played on: https://anduogames.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/guide-to-save-files-in-third-crisis/

Can yall add like a fap mode on the game that would be nice

uh.. What is that?

I think he means a mode where we can fully autoplay scenes without needing our hands

There's an "Auto" button in every dialogue

the auto tends to not fully work, after the part where we have to wait the next dialogue doesn't move and you have to click, it personnally doesn't bother me but I think what this guy wants is a way to keep his main hand off keyboard/mouse at all time, and probably a menu similar to the one on the peitho ending in the room to review all the scenes.
Idk if it's necessery because the game is already more than good enough but i'm just helping this guy make what he means more clear


The function is not limited to the Peitho room, there's a "Gallery" Button in the main menu! :)

I'll look into the automode stopping when there's a forced delay, thanks!

Im kinda stuck in the Peitho Questline. the Quest is called "New Strenght"

im stuck with the task "Shape Leila into a Peitho Dump" is this a Glitch or is the Content not released yet?

you need wait until someone anounce that pyra is waiting you and then after 2 times visiting pyra the peitho story ends because is not complete so you need wait (try to save the game and load it after complete leila training)

Deleted 52 days ago

How Long and where do i have to wait?

did you already finish leilas train the public, private because the anouncement is the last part for now i think you should save and load the game it works for me to get the anouncement i dont remember if you need to talk or train for a few moments, or wait but after you meet pyra and try this 4 ways: train public or talk with she or wait or then save and load that game. 

Ok it Worked Now thx

no problem

I have a question about how to complete the quest "Picking up the pieces"? I arrived at the motel part and got the suitcase, but I can't go back to the HG in prison, in short, I can't leave the room Any tips?

Try to exit through the window in your room. Window above the bed.

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Does anyone know what needs to be done to complete the "Picking up the pieces" quest? I went through a fight with Florya, got out of prison and don’t know what to do next. The quest description says "What's next?". And there is no purpose. Is this a bug?

just head to the bar

When I go to the bar, nothing happens.
Maybe I did not fulfill some condition?Here are screenshots of missions and character status.

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