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Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg. Whether she gives in to the bliss of submission or uses her sexual appeal to her advantage on the battlefield is all up to you!

As you delve deeper into Carceburg’s mysteries, you’ll come to uncover the secrets surrounding the crisis that saw humanity defeated and enslaved by the sinister organization Peitho.


[Movement] WASD, Arrow Keys or Left Clicking
[Sprint] Left Shift or Move the mouse further from Jenna when clicking
[Use / Interact] E or Left Clicking
[Cancel] Q or Right Clicking
[Pause] ESC, F1
[Phone] Tab
[Toggle Sprite] P

Known Issues

The game isn't finished yet.


0.21.0 Android 226 MB
0.21.0 Windows x64 267 MB
0.21.0 Windows x86 264 MB

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Does anyone else get "app not installed" error when trying to update the game on Android? Please help..

Me too :'(

uninstall the app before installing the new version. This will delete your save however.

Check this guide on how to make a copy of them beforehand: https://anduogames.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/guide-to-save-files-in-third-crisis/

Can someone help me explaining how to get the motel strip 7 scene, cause its hint is to reveal yourself after a throb patrol, but theres only 6 patrols

you have to take off the helmet after going back to the motel after the first Throb patrol.

The bar has two people on each other so I can't talk to the person that I need to to complete the task

Am I the only one who gets motoko kusanagi vibes from her?

Discord ?

how to increase your perversion 

You get a nice starting boost when you don't resist after defeating the fist boss..after that is pretty easy to build.

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I can't find Rida's mission itens.Someone found then?(the rope)

have you tried looking in newly unlocked areas? ;)

are you able to leave the pethio training area once started? i seem to be stuck and cant sleep. she keeps saying there is more work to do? i would like to try nd get back to carcenburg

Yup, there's no way out. But we created an autosave for you. Just make sure you have autosaves enabled in the load menu.

Damn  lol I assume at some point we will be free?? Am I missing any events if I don't go back from old saves ?

We plan to have a point where it gives you the option to go back to a save before you entered the Peitho storyline.

awesome sounds great. I've been loving the game by the way. Just wish I could've brought my Halloween and Christmas outfits over from mobile! Good work though 

Theres a bug where when you are defeated by the plant people you are unable to hit continue or main menu at the game over screen

El juego es genial y me la historia me tiene enganchado 

Pero algun dia piensasn sacar una versión en español?

Porque yo soy mexicano y no se mucho ingles 

Pd:pueden responderme en ingles y uso el traductor ;)

Still stuck on the part where Karen, Jenna,  hq and the plant girl are sleeping in the room, all the lights get cut off and I go out to fix them. Always standing still when the radar tells me. However, I moved along carefully all the walls and klicked everytime a hand signal was appearing without actually finding and clicking any light switches.

Where are they exactly? This is not working.

Any ideas?

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After the update (0.21.0) the game keeps crashing on dialogues and I can't progress. Per example, I'm at the bar, I'm able to talk to the bartender and get the job, but I can't even get to the end of the day because it crash while I'm serving the clients. I also noticed it doesn't crashes suddenly, after every line of dialogue the game gets slower. After a few lines it takes 1-2 seconds to go to the next line and eventually it crashes. I'm playing on Android, specifically the Moto G8 Play. I think I should be able to run the game with no issues, I even made a lot of progress on other versions with no issues and without crashing even once. I hope this information was helpful to you, I really like this game and I'm looking forward to play more and support the development as soon as possible. 

Heya, can you send a screenshot of one of the dialogues before the crash?

This is happening when I'm working at night, and Martin says something like "I just wanna pull you behind the counter and..." 

Also, I had to turn down the video settings because I couldn't screenshot, I was getting an error. Idk why but my phone is getting really slow now, and in previous versions it was fine. Thanks for the reply tho, hope you can figure it out ♥️

Hmm.. Does it work when you try and skip the dialogue?

Skipping does the same thing, I can notice it getting slower on each line until it crashes

Just for clarity, what is the "peitho route" and at what point in the game does it start?

It's the route you get from talking to the guy in the bottom right corner of the townhall.

How many of these updates will there be?

Or maybe make an ending where her girlfriend dies and she lives old age in this city working as a whore

Can I ask you to add some fetish?


We plan to have a lot more updates.

if i update do i ceep my progres or will it reset ?

You can always keep your save.

If you switch websites or platforms, you might have to export it though: https://anduogames.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/guide-to-save-files-in-third-crisis/

how do you update the game?

Webgl: open the game
Windows: download and open the game
Android: Make a copy of your savefiles, uninstall, reinstall

where do I copy them? and do I just uninstall and reinstall the game?

This link should answer those questions https://anduogames.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/guide-to-save-files-in-third-crisis/

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In the Peitho route, the minigame for me features just a camera recording a completely blank scene. Nothing else works except the keys D(where she chokes I think?) and C(presumably cum, cause the screen goes white). I play on PC and am on the latest non-Patreon build.

Is this a bug or do I have files missing? If either, how do I fix it?

That's a bug. Does it still happen after a restart? It seems to work for everyone else, you're the first one reporting this to my knowlege.

I have tried restarting yes. I have even downloaded it from a different website just in case, same results. 

I have attached a video of the same being reproduced, in case you need to see what's going on.

hmm that looks like a bug that 0.20.0 had. Can you doublecheck the version number in the main menu?

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I have the same issue: Version: 0.21.1-pr - (2019.2.0f1)

But in Version: 0.21.0-r- (2019.2.0f1) was everything fine

So you were a patron? 0.21.1-pr is an older version than 0.21.0-r.

Hope you guys put lewd status system on main character,it will be nice :)

can we have gallerary for all enemies at least? like peitho soldiers (we got throb so would be that hard by just changing colors and some details) and all the grunts(none of them have a picture at least? weird)

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I've been playing this game for awhile now (I love this game to death btw, not saying that just because of the hentai either) and I've seen bugs here and there, all of them I believed were fixed... But now my game seems to crash and saving proves to be difficult sometimes. I've also played this game on a variety of different phones, so I don't think it's because of my current phone... At least I hope not

I downloaded the game onto android, how would I update my game?

Im on the peitho route and the only thing I can do is keep giving BJ's and can't even use my bed to progress further, is this a big or all that's currently added?

Any fix?

It's in development. If you want to get back to other content, load a save from before entering the peitho route. The game autosaves before it, make sure the autosave checkbox is checked.

Mission "The Naked Eye" don´t switch to solved and is open so it disturbs when you look what missions are open and must be solved.

Ok I'm probably not th first to point this out and I won't be the last. I've counted at least 10 Marvel quotes in the dialog and I'm not even done with the game yet! I'm honestly just really happy you put those in there and at the perfect places as well. Like the quote from Thor: Ragnarok when you're in the simulation? Amazing placement. I've seen quite a few of these quotes and as a big Marvel fan I'd just like to say that you should keep them in the game and that what you're doing is awesome. Thank you for putting the quotes in, it really made me happy.

Glad you noticed them! I love referencing tons of stuff in TC, not just Marvel. ♥

- Vils

I had a really terrible bug when I started a fight after I beat the girl with the fire Iost everytime it wouldnt let me play the fight at all the screen was just running defeat over and over again any solution 

This bug is fixed for the next version. Healing the party should fix it for now.


Anyone know where to find the rope in The Fiendish Task quest?

I just wanted to know how the Peitho path is coming along.

absolutely great game by the way.


More content is on the way! :)

the game is full or is beta?


the game no full is development

Hey I think the web version might be broken. I have no trouble pulling the game up and such but I've tried maybe 40 times and not one time has it loaded past 90% on the starting screen. Could there be any reason why this is happening to me?

I either takes a bit longer than what you have been waiting for or hardware acceleration is disabled in your browser. You can download the game for windows, to play it outside of the browser.

and i think my game is kinda broken, after the first fight at horizon it just locks itself

Can you reproduce this bug or is it only happening once?

I had same glitch once, i just reloaded and it gone. Have no idea how to activate it now

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So today i opened th game and a i saw a message telling me to download the newer version, is there any way that i can put my save in the new version?

Heya, this should answer any questions regarding save files: https://anduogames.wordpress.com/2018/02/09/guide-to-save-files-in-third-crisis/

Where do I find Floria after beating the enemy's in sublevel 2

Rosas are Red doesn't seem to have any way to reach you.

How do I undo an action?

I got notified of a new message, but it was just a blank screen. After a while, I got impatient and tapped the screen wondering if it was frozen. A fraction of a second before my finger touched the screen, or as it touched the screen, everything appeared.

I'm going to clear out the data and the cache and start over, but I'm a bit miffed about that.

This is an amazing game. Currently playing it on Android.

Thanks! ♥

stuck on loading screen for me :/ anyone else??

What device are you playing on? Do you mean the web download screen? It might hang for a bit at 90%, because that's where the engine boots up. Also make sure in chrome hardware acceleration is not disabled if you're trying to play the web version.

o ok thanks

just to makesure were still stuck in the tunnel rite? after the Blackout and Radar mission from HQ? 

as step of peitho base ??????? pls.

can anyone help me to make drink

click on the book at the bottom

i open it but there no drink like he mention

You're looking for the Double Buuze. Then add ice and cherry.

Love the game 10/10, but I'm still sort of new, where do I find the abandoned house I need to go to for the bombs??

It's either the house in the bottom right of town (Just outside of town) 


you leave carceburg on the top right and follow the path.

thank you!

really like the game it great

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