UPDATED JULY 1ST, 2018 (v0.3.1)

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Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg. Whether she gives in to the bliss of submission or uses her sexual appeal to her advantage on the battlefield is all up to you!

As you delve deeper into Carceburg’s mysteries, you’ll come to uncover the secrets surrounding the crisis that saw humanity defeated and enslaved by the sinister organization Peitho.


[Movement] WASD, Arrow Keys or Left Clicking
[Sprint] Left Shift or Move the mouse further from Jenna when clicking
[Use / Interact] E or Left Clicking
[Cancel] Q or Right Clicking
[Pause] ESC, F1
[Phone] Tab

Known Issues

The game isn't finished yet.

Published Feb 04, 2018
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
AuthorAnduo Games
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
TagsErotic, mature, nsfw, Tactical RPG
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls


Windows (x86) v0.3.1 71 MB
Windows (x64) v0.3.1 73 MB
Android v0.3.1 83 MB


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Quick question: How the hell do we get 50 perversion? Just askin'.

There are multiple optional scenes in the houses around Carceburg that you can get perversion from. Get caught by the guards and get taken to prison. Choose all the perverted options in the main story.


Not too often there's a browser-type 18+ game

Was hoping if player didn't succesfully find all the coffee items the old man would come back into the house ;)

Hi I have a question, I downloaded the game but I notice that some scenes dont have images, is that a bug or that scenes just dont have images?

Some scenes just don't have images yet. They'll have images added in later updates. ❤

Do you upload the newer versions monthly orr...?

Hey there, you can find the release schedule on our patreon. We plan to release every two months.

Is there currently a way to join Jewel at the bar? I can't find the uniform anywhere.

Will there be any incentives to go through Leath's combat stage and win as opposed to immediately losing?

Will there be a potential way to unlock the alternative "decision" based scenes such as joining or leaving Jewel?

Hey, there currently is not, sorry.

There already is an incentive to win. You get a completely different scene after the fight!

We plan something similar to that, but the plans are not completely fleshed out yet. Since we have to develop the game chonologically, it's hard to plan far ahead in great detail.

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I wanted to download the game on my phone, but it just won't install even if i ticked the option tout allow apk app... Do you have any Idea why ? And also, what are the authorizations for ? Why does the game need access to the network and my location ? It's a little scary when you don't know why (^_^')

But the game is pretty good to play on computer. Good job to the team !

Hey there, we are not 100% sure why unity asks for that permission. It might have something to do with providing us with general player stats (like in what country do we have the most players). We do not manually track anything whatsoever. You can opt out of the unity stats aswell in the options, if you don't want that :)

As for the installation, I'm not sure. Never heard of that issue :/ Maybe there's like a previous installation and that's being an issue? Maybe try searching in google, it sounds like more of a general problem :)

Thank you for your answer ^^ I'll try fix this problem. Keep up the good job !

Also, how do we get the uniform to work in the bar ? And how can we go the customers' tasks ? Is it related to perversion level ?

Sounds like an Android/IPad related issue. Had a few games on Android that asked location but it's more for statistic reasons. That can be easily found via network.

Hey Anduo Games,

I wrote this list of things I hope to see in a future version:

*Jewel with a new sprite

*A option to go out of the motel with or without your bra.

*A option to go out of the motel with or without the badge (And there could be more scenes)

Btw: I didn't saw Jenna being fucked in the pussy or ass but I know you are gonna add it in the future.

* Jewel will have a dialogue sprite just like Jenna in 0.4, it's already finished and ingame in private development builds.

* In the current public version you can remove your bra freely at 30 perversion and your panties at 50 perversion.

* We'll look into adding scenes for badge-less encounters.

I noticed a few bugs too

*When you meet Jewel for the first time and she gets fucked by the crowd, if you go to the bathroom and then try to leave the bar you are gonna get a dialogue with Jewel but Jewel isn't in the screen

*In curfew, if you walk up the path before going to the abandoned house you see a guard just standing up and he doesn't do anything when you approach.

I think you already fixed this in version 0.4

Anyone knows how to activate the "Leave Jewel" event?

Choose to leave them instead of joining in when you go into the storehouse for the GAG alcohol.

Playing using LG Stylus 2, Android Marshmallow, texture hinder gameplay. Good game nonetheless.

Are the background textures pink on every level?

Some, like graphic layer or something, rendering the sprite hidden. Even the house not displays properly. That's from 0.2.1 version btw.

Oh, well we just released 0.3.1 with a potential fix for that, so you should try that! :)


Wilco. Take care and have good days.

When will the next free download come out

We plan to release new versions to the public 1 month after the patreon release. The next public release will be on the 1st of July :)

This is also noted on our patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/AnduoGames

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Will you release this game on steam too? I heard they accept all kind of game now

It's definetly something we have on our minds! But we currently have no plans to bring it to steam any time soon.


At least I have a chance to see this game on steam~ <3

i need version 3.0

Glad you liked the game! Version 0.3.1 is playable for 5$+ patrons! https://www.patreon.com/AnduoGames/overview

Good Game Please Update soon!


We'll be putting out an update for early access patrons tomorrow!  Playtesting it right now. Stay tuned. ♥


A fun an engaging adventure with some very sexy elements and battle gameplay!

interesting 0-0

how do you get the measuremetnts no bra scene?

Hey there, just a heads up, this is the comment section for the current public version 0.1. The measurement scene in only available in version 0.2, which only patrons can play until we make it public in 1 month.

In 0.2, if you play from the beginning and simply "forget" to take the bra with you in the level with the flickering lights (its the chest on the right side), then you will continue the game without a bra.

We will probably add another way to "loose" the bra, but for now, that's the only way.

hey um question when will you have jenna work at the pub nude? and when will you let her loose the dignity?

I  can't wait until it is done!

How do you get the full version? Or is the demo version the only available right now? 

Hey there, currently only the first Version of 0.1.1 is out.

We are currently hard at work on the next version 0.2.0, which will be released for the 5$ and higher patrons a month before it is available for the public :)

im having a problem with the android version. Im cant see some parts one off them is the old mans hose i see windows and the door amd the insode the section with the mug in ot i cant see it. I want to play it on the phone.

What phone is it? We can't support older versions of Android's OS.

My phone is a K7

same problem here Lgh8 with android 7

The artwork is nice, the scene when Jenna loses control of her powers and teleports around is neat, and little touches like the squares being different colors when moving to show how many points it will take up are appreciated. Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. :D


I REALLY like it. It's really interesting, and actually done properly, which you don't see very often. Definitely a reason to keep playing other than the NSFW aspects. You know a game's good when it has that.


Thanks so much! We're glad you enjoyed it! :D

In the battle against the purple boss, he "killed me" and after that I started having visions, and then the game was closed XD, I don't know if it's normal or something. By the way, and the content +18? e.e

What is the save file location, so I could replace the save file with another save file, that has more progress on it.

Just made a guide for it here!

Thanks for reminding me. :D

Heeeey, thanks mate! By the way, the game looks pretty interesting, the art style is nice. Keep up the good work! :)

Thanks so much! Glad you liked it. :D

Can we embed this game on comdotgame.com?

I guess that is a no.

Heya! Sorry for the delay! We'd love to have our game on your site. Do you have somewhere we can send the WebGL build to?

Cool! You can send it webmaster@comdotgame.com.

The game is pretty fun. Combat was fluid and the characters and story seem interesting. The only main criticism I have was the boss fight with Laeth. It takes so long to defeat her 4 guards, and then you are forced to lose the fight anyway meaning that all the work was pointless. I think going straight into a cut scene where she gets hit with the laser might be a better idea, since I spent an extra 10 minutes trying to position myself properly and stun her with vibrodash only to realize that I can't and that I was supposed to lose. The game has a lot of potential though. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much! You're super right with the cutscene idea, and we already have that on the to-do list.

Glad you enjoyed the game! <3