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I moved my user/app data/anduogames folder and i think it got messed up, I can't restore it and it won't let me save the game now.... any advice? I've tried deleting and redownloading but it still won't work :/


I'm guessing you're on windows? You can click the button in the bottom right corner of the load game menu to open the folder containing the save files if that helps

thanks for getting back to me! yes windows, that worked and I can see the files but I still can't create a new save? all that's there is the autosaves


So what exactly happens when you save manually in game? Feel free to join our discord and ping me @bearcore in #discussion-and-support

nothing at all, I can't input a name or click the save icon


Fun game, and great animation, but I'm unfortunately too nice a guy to put this poor girl through all the funnest scenes. I pity this girl too much to keep playing. :-?

Yeah, The Rock is way too nice to play this game too. :)


This is a common issue with these types of games... I remember I played a really old version of it and god some of the content in this game is grotesque in a sad way. I guess the dev tries to frame it in a female-empowerment way... I guess... but damn this game goes hard on the degradation lol


Yeah, I've noticed a lot of pervy games go off the charts, it's kinda disturbing, but I can handle almost any *voluntary* degradation as long as it's not first person. I'm not very submissive, so a lot of forced content rubs me the wrong way. I've known girls who roleplayed being raped and loved it, it made them feel irresistible, I can dig it, but I've also known too many girls who got raped for real and it fucked up a few of them real bad. One girl killed herself, it ripped my fucking heart out. I had to cuddle another rape victim I found on the street in the freezing cold so she wouldn't get frostbite before going to the hospital the next day. I can get real personal about this shit real quick. I was just playing another game where a character was threatening to rape a girl and I think I'm about to bitch at it's Developer because I think the MC is a wuss and I should have the option to kill that rapist character then and there. However, Third Crisis does a moderately good job of portraying the MC as a pervy girl who's up for practically anything, and thanks for that, but still, the first person perspective fucks with my head too much. I just have too much empathy to be comfortable playing half this game. Still, this is interesting product from a design perspective, lots of innovative code, kinda cutting edge as far as itch is concerned. The interactive animation is really something special and I hope to see more of it in other games.

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Thanks for your insight! The real life version of the content (similar to many other games displaying violent content) is often very grim and when put on an equal level, it gets weird. This game is meant as a fantasy. In the game, there are no real victims, no real scarring and no real trauma. It's a game to fulfill a fantasy safely that would be impossible in real life. I often make sure to make it very clear that Jenna is super into it, as I hope the player is when playing it. However, sometimes the line gets a bit blurry and sometimes it can just be an interesting and intriguing topic to play with this consent and make it more blurry. As you said, roleplaying a position of powerlessness can be thrilling. Generally, doing the wrong thing can be something very interesting and enticing. 

I can absolutely understand the perspective of someone who has experienced horrible things in real life not being into the kind of content I write. I am terribly sorry for any bad feelings this may bring up. It's meant as a fantasy fulfillment. Not to promote anything that would hurt anyone in real life. Just like game displaying violence aren't meant to make anyone enjoy violence in real life.

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After rereading your response, I see it in a much more horrible light, so let's try this again.

Am I the only one around here who thinks making a cartoon about the Holocaust does not make it ethical to  fantasize about it sexually?


We'll do what we want c:


Does this game get updates every month?


why does this dumbass porn game keep crashing on my high end pc


Seems to work just fine on my "mid range PC".

Maybe the "dumbass porn game" isn't the issue. Might be your set up and settings for your "high end PC". Maybe your firewall killed off a file it deemed "a threat" causing the game to hit a snag trying to use a file that isn't there. That tends to happen a lot with anti-virus software.  Maybe a file got corrupted during the download due to some kind of interruption of your internet.

It could be a number of things really.

A high end PC doesn't always mean everything will work flawlessly. That just means it can handle more demanding graphics. A high end PC with poor configurations, letting anti-virus run unchecked or even just user error could render it just as useful as a mid range PC.  


Will there be option to buy this game here? Kind of not a fan of making second steam account just to play this game. 


then... dont make a second steam account...


And have all my friends, including those irl know I'm a pervert who plays this?


own it c:<


You can hide your library and some games on your account, i share mine with my family and still play porn games. The same with the games you play and your time in game. And i am still able to play with my friends.

I gave this a go and find the humor funny - if a little groanworthy at times - and I really like the gameplay. Not too far yet but really liking how things are turning out! :)

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the game told me to try the dash ability but when i press the skills button, all that comes up is a square that says 3/3 and does nothing when i click on it




Curious but i couldn't help but notice a number of overwatch parallels. Did OW inspire some of this story? I love the game btw really looking forward to more.


I think Vibe's OG design was Tracer


It would make sense as her backstory and obsession with her hot red head GF were some of the parallels i drew. xD I'm glad that most of the game seems pretty original but taking inspiration from another concept certainly isn't a bad thing either.

How do you beat Raiders X mission? Any tips/answers would  help.

I'm doing the quest to deliver Klaus's report to the town hall but it's nowhere to be found? Did the cleaning mission, still nothing? The guy who has an arrow over his head just asks me to apply for a job which requires excessive amount of perversion? Is the game bugged or am I missing anything here

A thing often overlooked in these games is mobile controls, this game does it well, art style is very unique but not astray. Good Game

Is it just me or are some files missing when you download on here, because I can't open it and the 64 thing just gives a error when I open it.

What error does it give? What device are you on? What operating system are you running?

I am on windows, and I don't remember the error but I do know that trying to open the file that had 64 in the name of it gave the error.

Without knowing the error, I can't help you, sorry


How can I delete all my unlocked Content on Android? 

And when comes a New Update/Version/patch of the Game?


On android it's a bit more complicated... 

So there's this folder: Android/data/com.AnduoGames.ThirdCrisis/files

Which contains the gallery.sav file, which stores your progression in the gallery. Getting to that folder however, is different for each brand of android phone. Some even lock your ability by default to get there. You'll have to find out how to get to it yourself. Once you're there, just delete the gallery.sav.

Alternatively, you can delete the app before installing the update, this will also delete your savefiles though.


I've been playing the game on steam and enjoying it but ran it to a frustrating problem. I'm trying to unlock all the achievements and was up to all but 5 away. I tried using the console to unlock the rest but it didn't work. I thought it would help to try to clear all achievements and try again but when i did this for some reason not only did it lock all achievements in the game but it also took achievements away from my steam account as well. Can someone please help me with this. I saw a command named achievements.setstat but wasnt sure how it worked.

I should also add that there are some achievements that appear to be impossible to unlock like the scene completion and gallery completion due to how the gallery is set up currently. 

Heya, I'd recommend posting on Steam's community page for support on steam specific issues.

I don't quite understand how you managed to delete the achievements. I guess you triggered a console command we used for testing to reset the steam achievements? Which achievements are impossible to get and why?

What do you mean by locking achievements? Do they not register when you complete them?

What does the achievements menu in the main menu say? Does it think that the achievements are still unlocked?

There is an Achievements.sav file in the savegame location (the load game menu has a button to bring it up). If you want to reset your achievement savedata, deleting this file is the recommended way of doing it. 

Hey, Thank you for getting back to me. In the future I'll post on the steam message boards I wasn't sure where to ask this.

As for the first point it may just have been a steam issue and not something wrong with the game. Something with steam cloud saves maybe IDK.

When I tried to run the achievements.Complete command it unlocked most but not all of the achievements. The ones that remanded locked were ( Cat Lover, Fighter, Alcoholic Acquisiting, Too Fast Too Pureious, No Mercy, Burning Strong, Lore Keeper, Standing up, Painful Rest, Forget, Full Combo, Scene Collector, and Gallery Completionist).

I was able to go back and unlock these achievements by playing through the game again but the only ones that seem impossible to unlock at this time is the Scene Collector and Gallery Completionist. The reason this is the case is because there are two scenes that are locked and can't be unlocked until the next update. so the scene gallery is stuck at 203/205 collected.

I checked out the Achievements. Sav file and I'll use this in the future thank you.

I know this is a small nitpick by me so I appreciate the comment helping me with this issue. I've really enjoyed the game so far and am looking forward to future updates.

Hi Third Crisis Team! 

Loving the game so far, I think it’s a perfect mix of story, NSFW content and RPG mechanics, I have got a question about the story however, 

I’m at a part where the story diverges, I can carry on to the Ambush and find more info on Karen or do the town hall mission and continue life in town, I understand the town hall quest will lock me into the NSFW route but will doing the Bar storyline lock me in and stop me doing the ambush mission as well? 

Thank you!


Heya, you can do every side route up to a point where it will be extremely clear as to why you can't continue the main quest. The game constantly creates new autosaves for you, so no matter what, you can always get back to a state where you can still do the main quest :)

Is there a walkthrough or some sort of guide for this game?


hey ho, love the game, art style  but for the story, i haven’t progressed so far

would like to ask/suggest if there would be a futa mod or option, to replace male characters in cutscene, dialogue or game as female characters with dicks, now this is just literally me asking to modify or remake a lot of artwork so if it is too much dont mind this post

First of all, nice work you all people! It has sufficient plot to play, and enough PLOT   ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°  to be glad of it.  I think there are a few frames which have a dark border, maybe a misplaced asset, but the thing I think you should check a little bit more, is the text, as there are some typos and weird drafting. (Yes, I know, I'm the weird guy who cares about the writing in a porn game, but that's what it is)

Deleted 150 days ago
Deleted 150 days ago
Deleted 150 days ago
Deleted 150 days ago

Please stay on topic of discussions about this game :)

hello anduo games, i posted a question a while ago that im bringing it up to your attention, since im still waiting for a reply


Heya, can't find your question, do you mind posting it again?

Guys, help pls, how to complete quest "Picking up the pieces"? Description: "What's next...?". I am playing with out sex and lust


If you're looking for rida, then you've reached the end of the implemented content. Otherwise if you could provide some more details it'd be super helpful! :)

what is the difference in version 42 and 43 then ? just downloaded 43 and still am not able to find rida and continue story.


Hello, I recently got into Third Crisis and am quite enjoying myself, however I've hit a game-breaking bug:

I am currently trying to progress in the main quest where you have to remove members of the Rat Gang from the bar and Jewel gives you a tutorial on Lust Attacks. However, during the tutorial after I defeat Jen as Jewel using a second lust attack, the battle continues, even if I use the last of Jewel's energy, effectively softlocking me from the rest of the game.

Is this a known issue? If so, how do I fix/solve it? I've so far only tried using the console command "Combat.End" but am still softlocked.

Heya, does this happen repeatedly? If so, can you please send us your save file?

I've tried it again today and was actually able to progress! It might have been a rare bug. If it happens again, I'll make a copy of the save file and send it. Thank you for responding though!

well I loaded a save before Jewel gave you the tutorial on Lust attacks but that only worked once I exited the game and then reopened it again try that I hope this helps. 

Hi, im stuck in the mission "a night to remember", I dont found the form to back to carcerbug.

Is in the carcen mine? Or the hidden base? Or is a bug?. Pls i want continue the history, is a very good game :[

You can get back through the mines. You can also use the console command 

level.load Carceburg

Can someone please tell me how to get the Motel Strip 7 scene? Someone said to remove the helmet when going back into the motel after the first patrol.  Can't do it either.


Did you reveal on the first chance?

You can also unlock the gallery using the skip mode in the gameplay settings.


So, I played this game way back when it was basically brand new and have been waiting for an update which brings the story to a close.  I appreciate that you guys are updating things like the art (which is fantastic) and balance for skills, but I'd love it if you could try to tie up the story so that I could play the game to the finish.  I'd be fine with placeholders for scenes (IE: "'MC gives blowjob to guard' scene not finished yet, but will be here.") 


Working on it :)


Please do NOT listen to requests for futa MC thank you

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Fuck you, I don't even like futa but bring it on as an option. Rather a chick with a dick than a dude.


We'll do whatever we want c:

is there a discord?  I want to report a bug/glitch


looking forward to next content update! :D



Make the MC Futa plz.


We are adding wearable penises with an upcoming content update!

hi everyone i really need help, how can i pass the mission? (Whats next?) after meet Karen again in the prison

The mission find the outpost of peitho, where i can find it ?

The back entrance to the hotel has vanished.  Is this a bug?  I can still leave that way, but the only way in is the front door again.

Can the Android version switch languages?

No, sorry


Hi, for the public version, is the end of the current gameplay after escaping the base in the raided X mission? Because I have escaped the base and nothing is happening.

i cant seem to find Throb in the townhall in his request??

he should be outside the townhall during curfew. you need the suit on as well.

Deleted 167 days ago

i had to find him during day time before the actual quest lol tysm for ur help :D

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