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When I go into the bar during curfew dressed up as a guard, a bunch of guys signal jenna to go to the toilets for some fun but when I go there the game crashes shortly after. Is this because it hasnt been added yet or am I missing something?

What device / browser / operating system are you using? Does this happen every time or only once? Can you provide a save-file with which we can reproduce this issue?

I'm playing the game on google chorme on a windows 10 PC. This has happened every time I attempt to enter the bathroom/pub with the guard suit on. I have a save file I can give too, just tell me how/where to send it.

 Also this is the error that pops up.

in the same situation I got the award "taking off the badge". I guess that's not supposed to happen then.

How do you equip an offhand like the grav knife? Right click + equip just replaces the main hand

There's only one weapon slot.


Does anyone know the 9 digit code for the safe at the drug dealers house? it starts with 15394 i just dont know the rest.

u ever find it?? Having same problem

Is it normal for Klaus to not have a model, many characters appear as just grey models

yup, that's normal


So is there a difference between giving up on karen and being a slut in carceburg and staying determined?

Giving up locks you out of the main quest at the moment.

Is normal for phone users that the game crahs?

No, you could try reinstalling, but besides that there's not much we can do, sorry :(



Next update

Hey quick question I've been enjoying this marvel of a game on steam for min 20h + and seen many ending but cannot find the Slimy content can anyone help me pretty please !!! Thanks !

At the end of the current main story, in the south-west of the big map

is there a paid version for android to unlock all items in the gear store?

yup on our patreon

Is there a difference between the paid steam version and the free version on this site, like more content or quicker updates? Great game btw

Check the Animation gallery, it shows exactly which scenes are locked in the public version.

Besides that, the steam and patreon versions are a higher version number with whatever content comes with that version.

oh awesome, thanks for replying so fast. I bought it on steam anyway to show my support. Keep up the great work

So, basically, the Peitho Training Base is a dead end? No end game, just a void? And no way of getting back to Carceburg?  I don't have a save, now should I start the game again? 🥲

It's unfinished. You can un-hide the autosaves in the load game menu to get back.

My character keeps forcefully running down no matter what i do, only tabbing out and then after a few interactions or moves it runs down again untill i repeat the process, any help

Might be a controller or joystick with some drift.

Does anyone's game on phone crashed while opening it

is development still going to continue on Itch? 

yes, we always update itch builds

I have two problems with the current version of the game on Steam. First, is for some reason the skip rest of turn button in combat does nothing. Is it supposed to right now?

Second problem is the second VR fight in Horizon Rescue. It seems nearly unwinnable without hiding in a corner, spamming special abilities, and a lot of luck. So far I haven't been lucky enough to win. Not fun. Is there actually some trick to this fight that works that I am simply missing. The fight's difficulty would be fine if say losing led you down another path, perhaps a sexier one, but instead it just keeps restarting the same battle over-and-over. Really not fun.

Why not comment on steam then? OwO

The skip button has been changed to require a 3s hold, because accidental skips happened.

The VR fight can be very difficult depending on your equipment. Feel free to use the skip fight option, enabled by the skip option in the gameplay settings! :)

Has anyone elses phone overheated while playing this game? Mine gets really hot really fast and i want that to stop. Anyone have any tips?

Reducing the fps limit and resolution should help with that

Ill give it a try thank you

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Can you make a deluxe staight version of this game

(Not being homophobic)

(This comment deserves 3 down votes)

Edit 3: this is just a joke claim down)


The main character is in a lesbian relationship, how the hell would that even work?


in a lesbian relationship* 




okay im saying,

Sorry if i asked 


No offense taken :)

I don't think it'd be a good choice to essentially remove content that is not plain straight. Doesn't sound like a deluxe edition to me, kinda the opposite. 


no i mean, making new charcters and a new story and a new title 


Wouldn't that just be a different game?

What does that have to do with a deluxe version?

I've  seen certain outfits require the paid version. Is there a way to get that for android or is it only for steam players?

The Patreon version doesnt have this limitation.

Got a quick question but how do I get to the slums from carceburg? I honestly have no clue where I'm going

Go to the Crossroads in the southwest of the map. Should be able to get to the slums from there.

Please can I have the recipes for the alcohol with the bar job

Sure, open the book at the bottom of the screen

Hi does anyone know why in scenes instead of seeing the scene I only see a mouth floating in the air and nothing else, I hear the scene but I dont see it even in the gallery, how do I fix that


0.48.1 fixes this issue.


To all the bots on this page, 









i wish they could read



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The 0.48 version doesn't seem to work on my (Pixel 6a) Android 13 phone (the previous version worked). It shows the unity logo, then the Anduo Games logo, then it crashes (though I'm not getting any kind of error popup other than the "this app keeps crashing" popup). I tried starting it three or four times.


0.48.1 fixes this issue.

Where i can find save file to modely gameplay


I'm mainly wondering why the pic for the game on the homepage is censored now, is there a reason for it now or something?? Respond whenever you can us gamers got all the time in the world lol.

Some players complained about having nsfw pictures show up on their main page when we update the game.

I...dont understand that- but maybe its just me XD eitherway  ya gotta do what ya gotta do

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In Android 11, Samsung Galaxy A50

It's true that I think that many animations could be animated and with sound, and that some battle assets from The Hub (for example) should be checked,  but I understand that the game is still in minor versions

But the worst bug I found, and which I think that is imprescindible to fix, is that whenever I play I can't close it and I need to close it forcefully and go back until I'm on my home screen again...

I really hope that you can fix and update as much as you all can because I think that it's a great game and... I want Karen to be by my side again U_U 🧡


Thanks! We're going to look into it eventually


0.48.1 fixes this issue.


Omg, thank you for notifying me about it ^w^



there is a lot of bugs in the game, a lot of animations does not work on both windows and android 


0.48.1 fixes this issue.

Will it be translated into Spanish?

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This game doesnt work at all on Android 13, got a new phone and now I can't play it. Is there anyway to roll back to an older APK file so I can try that and see if it works

Is it possible to download an older version?

0.48.1 fixes this issue.


A LOT of the animated scenes in the gallery don't work. The models don't show up, or only show up as a vague outline. 


I have the same issue...

Yes i have the same issue

0.48.1 fixes this issue.


Yeah i have a bug where when i check in the gallery to recheck the scenes, the characters are basically meshed out or are just not downloading 

0.48.1 fixes this issue.

can't wait to try it


Sorry sir,I meet a bug while playing ,lots of the scenes can't see normally ,I tired to change the option or restart the game,even after I restart my pc it still doesn't work

0.48.1 fixes this issue.


Yep same problem soon as you launched a game it crashes on Android I'm currently using Android 13 Samsung Galaxy s22 ultra Note

0.48.1 fixes this issue.


Hello, one great game, but now, with version 0.48 (android 11) the game crash, i launch it, "made with unity" appears, and the game crash.

Thanks for this game ^^, one of the best :3

I will wait until the next version to play, more to discover like this ^^.

(Sorry for my approximate english)


Its happen the same to me

0.48.1 fixes this issue.


Thank you ^^.


And now I've been softlocked in the first fight of the VR-realm, because after the second round, the game finished the enemies movement but didn't start my turn. I am waiting for nothing, can't save because of battle.

Nearly no animation is loading. Throb gets to wear a Santa hat, but it's not compatible to the GAG gear in Throb's quest or the punkjacket despite hoody removed.

There are so many bugs. Version ? I've played months ago was way more stable and the reason why I now dropped money on this. 

I'll grant you your Christmas time, but when you drop an "update" on Christmas Eve, at least make sure it doesn't break everything the previous versions were good for.

youre right it also happens to me :c

0.48.1 fixes this issue.


Hey I found a bug that I thought you should know, when in gallery and in animations, when you first load in. If the first Animation you click on is a paid content it let's you use it, I found it when I was trying to scroll, I don't know if they are just visual bugged to say paid content or if they are actually free now, but I could view Amy's punishment, all 3 slides and the first 2 nun porn actress. Thought you should know

0.48.1 fixes this issue.

I cleared the previous version, and then I accidentally deleted it. Now the game is updated, and I can only play it again. Does anyone want to lend me his file?

go to the discord server! There they are gonna help u, i think they already post a save file. But u can ask for one 

Good Thank you


The game is currently unplayable

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Please update because even version 0.48.0 for Android and website do not work the immediately crash I had to downgrade back to 0.47.0

0.48.1 fixes this issue.

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V0.48.0 Win has some rendering issues, doing the barjob getting fingered twice and afterwards taking a shower (first time), Jenna isn't showing up, only the hand and the watershower.

Another bug, NPC reacting to Vibrosuit being openchest even if other clothes (Punk outfit) is equipped.

And I would have assumed after needing to pay here, at least the "not for free version" items would be usable. Kinda playing with expectations here...

0.48.1 fixes this issue.

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