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Maybe at some point, Jenne can modify her body like she does in the bad ending of the bar? The truth is, the bad ending of the bar is the best of all and I would have liked there to be more things like that about her body being modified. how to enlarge your breasts or lips (even pouring milk like your 2D image looks like), great game but it would be the icing on the cake if you could do this :)

this would probably screw up the current clothing system, and would have needed to be incorporated from the start.

I to have the problem that the game can't find the lovesens app does everyone now how to fix that?

Is there a way where I could just completely restart my progress, including resetting my gallery collection, etc. I tried redownloading it but it doesn't work...

Click the button in the load game menu that brings you to the save files, in there, delete everything


Oh, thanks! I honestly thought you weren't suppose to delete those files. I just did it, it worked tysm <3


Happy to help! c:

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I really like this game and I would buy it in Steam, but it says "Not available in your region" (Germany), could it be changed? Because I have read that the developer of the game choose this setting, and not Steam. Or what can I do, to get this in steam, but without VPN. 


Edit: Or can I buy a Steam Key and activate the game?! If yes, where I can buy a key. Thanks

It's germany's ban on porn games on steam:,33654...

Ohhh, thanks.

Sabe me dizer por que meu donwload é " proibido" depois de alguns segundos baixando?

I actually really enjoyed the fighting part of the game. 😭 When I first encountered it, I didn't know half of what I was doing tho lmao.



Not letting me install it on Android 14, can that be fixed?

Здравствуйте, русский язык присутствует?

Если я не ошибаюсь, то да.



When is the next update?

When is ready!

hey i just wanted to say that i can't seem to get past the 100% loading engine screen on the public site version of the game (macbook) (worked a few months ago)


on windows it's working perfectly fine.


not for me, it's not


maybe just potato issue


Or maybe it's a real issue that should be addressed by the developers

Kenapa saat saya download 70% tidak bisa,file download nya malah corrupt

It mean "Why can't I download 70% of the download, the download file is actually corrupted"

MC nya cewe apa cowo bang?

Cewe bang

ya klo downloadmu gk bisa, dan corrupt

masalahnya di elu.... sesimple itu bang....

where can I found The Abandon mansion ?

There 2 different ones, so depending on which quest you're looking to finish, you need to go to a different one.

The first is the one past the mines where the resistance members gather. The other is south of it, in the southwest of the large exploration map.

can you send a pic of the location on map or anything like a video link

"Only In Paid Version" does that means I should buy in Steam/GOG or Patreon?

That content is only available in a paid version. That would be Steam, GoG and Patreon.

Does that mean I just unlocked everything in gallery > animation?

Are you saying you did unlock everything? Or are you asking if it will unlock everything?

I just played your game on public version, I just go to the gallery and then go to animation, there everything is unlocked but there's just a few locked scene that said "Only In Paid Version "

like this for examples only in paid version

those are only available in paid versions.

Will you add breast sucking for new version? That beauty juicy protagonist's breast it's makes me thirsty😋

So....the last one is v0.60.0

The other one like steam/GOG and public will be 58 and 59

Are you gonna release a new version in this final year?

We just released 0.58 to patreon. So very soon steam/gog will be 0.57 and public will be 0.56

If I buy this game through Steam, does it same like Patreon?

No, it is 1 version behind but it gets free updates

After I buying this on steam, all animation is unlocked but there's just a few locked cause buy from Patreon

By the way, this is will be final update in 2024?

That's the plan, yes.


will be the 64-bit version released?

I have no idea how to beat plant boss . I need help


It keeps giving me this when i try to download on galaxy note 20 ultra

hii how do I locate sublevel 4 in version 55.1 I'm stuck on quest voice of reason

Hi how do i go to the slums

west / to the left of carceburg walk down

HELLO, I just wanted to tell you that I really liked your game, that I have rarely been so moved and invested in the story of a hentai game since Claire Quest and Overgrown Génésis! Truly excellent! I plan to participate in your patreon to support your game!

I would like to take this opportunity to report a bug that I noticed. the drone that spots us...does not provoke any reaction. No one is coming to stop me or Wildfire.

There you go, I can't wait for the rest of this game, good luck.

Heya, this will be added in a future version :)

Bought on GOG after loving the free version. Keep up the great work!


♥ thank you!

Deleted 111 days ago

There are, yeah. We'll have a look c:


Hello, is there a lore reason why nobody's pregnant? Did peitho make everyone infertile?


There are no underage characters in our games.

I have an issue with finding the mines for some reason I have explored the whole map done all side quests reached the end in the main quest but the mines are still no where to be seen please let me know what I have not done to get to them

Heya, the mines are west of the resistance camp.

Is it in the v0.55.1 of the game

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There are multiple bugs and screen glitching at the bar ending. Here's just one of many of them 


> just export for android its easy


Will look into this eventually.


Hello, I'd like to warn you that the download for the free version of Third Crisis on Windows contains a "trojan" which is a trojan horse and therefore a virus. You can check this information with VirusTotal by unzipping the file and scanning the application containing the game.

This is incorrect, most likely it was a false positive that was patched by the antivirus provider:

Indeed, it was a false positive. The site told me it was a real positive and not a fake, so I apologize.


If everyone is horny because Peitho screwed over everything, what happens to the children?


There are no underage characters in our games.

Nice save lmao

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Are you telling me there haven't been any new births in the five years since Peitho ruled the world? Is everyone infertile? From a gameplay and developer perspective I get it because it would be disgusting but lorewise it doesn't make sense.


There are no underage characters in our games. End of story, sorry.

¿No hay una versión en español del juego para Android?


There are bugs when I get into a sex scene...kind of a bummer really.  Fortunately, I'm able to restart the game and continue where I left off but it would be great if it just went smoothly.  Kind of wish that the game was available on Mac though, I don't have a PC and I would buy this game in an instant if that was an option.  

there seems to be a delay during Jewel's dancing minigame. I keep pressing the arrow  buttons and none of them would register

Please help. I play on mobile and I can't shake the cup on my bartending job. How do I do it.

Is it planned to be translated into Russian?

I was gallery hunting through the game...and hit all the ends but didn't do the ending quests tho...then went through the main story to do the gag whiskey quest but when I did I think i created a glitch cause I meet jewel on the stage dancing but when i try to leave she just leaves it doesn't kick the story where jewel joins me to the storehouse for the quest so i cant get past it i tried reloading old saves reloading before the end quests  and sleeping to next day it wont let me past but it did in the pure route. How do I fix that besides just just restarting the game...just thought I'd ask

When opening, it says "fatal error, failed to load mono" What does that mean???? Help plz

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heads up there's a sound glitch and a freeze point in the second battle of the vr room... It happened when an enemy boosted through my main character taking her out the sound glitched and got stuck on repeat the next turn I tried to move and it froze and then got stuck on the sound again.... Pure route don't know if it matters....the second glitch is when fighting Floria...wildfire moved to the first plant to burn the it says wildfires turn but she doesn't do anything just ends her turn so I can't get to burn the plant...stopping the game and reloading the save to redo the battles seems to fix the issue...but doesnt get rid of it entirely

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So I don't know if this is on my end but I've tried downloading the game a couple times with the latest edition  (v0.55.1) and it doesn't fully download and instead says Forbidden. I don't how to fix this and this on Android fwiw.

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here's a thought how do I do the pure route...if the only way to move forward is to be reverted...example to place the tracker in the prison you need perversion of 20 I have 7 as perversion so is there a limit to what lvl of perversion you have for Karen or no....just a thought. Because there's no way to actually do a=100% pure route in game one cause she's not a virgin😏 and 2 you have to be perverse to some degree in action to move forward....I ask because Im a completionist whe. It comes to games I 100% all my games. But this one has me confused 🤔

Pure route had an outside assist on the points where you needed perversion, it could be... Outsourced ;) I've got to the end of what is available, so far, with full purity.

Pure = 0 Perversion. There's always a way around gaining perversion.

You can place the tracker to the prison from the outside to a window.

Awesome thanks for the heads up....the arrow outside I couldn't get to or I was at the wrong spot the trees were in the way of getting to it or is the window at the front of the building or opposite side of the woods

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I got it the prison route to stay pure has to be done during the day time...

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