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I feel kinda dumb for asking this but, how do you access Throbs quest line?

Throb gives you a combat suit (suitcase in your room) at some point. Sleep until curfew and interact with the suitcase in your room to put on the suit, then find Throb in front of the town hall. 

The suit makes it so you can walk around freely during curfew. 

You can get to curfew time by selecting 'wait until curfew' when sleeping in the bed.

Klaus will also have a surprise for you when you return from your patrol ;)

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I can't really play like sure it loads but i cant click anything and deleting doesnt work it keeps the do you want to delete tab and i cant load is that on my end or the game/both. I have played it like this and I like the game but its hard to play when there is all of that in the way. On the topic of unable to click things I cant click on gallary section or inventory or anything.

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This game crashed after around 6 hours of playing... And losing all save progress in doing so.  Tried to play again and speed run to where I was... and I crashed again.  Both instances were when asking for work at the bar.    I had yet to do the ambush stuff in both cases,  though I was only 1-3 nights away from starting it, I was just wanting to see how far I can progress with other things until then.  

Using the web player...  I'll just download it I guess and see if it does it there.

Really wish I didn't have to walk all the way back to the bed then back to the bar all over again.  That go real tedious the second time around,  I put up with it the first time since I was immersed for lack of a better word, in the character and livin a life but that investment wasn't there the second time as the only goal was to try to get back to where I was.  


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In the dl'd version,  I got stuck in Klaus's red upstairs room after a meeting... Nothing to interact with and no way out.   Had to noclip out.  After which,  asking Klaus for a job always results in no response other than the option disappearing until you enter the cell/area again, for the same nonresponse.

And now I'm stuck in my room unable to leave with "I can't leave without my gear" even though I'm wearing the suit-  One of them at least.   My inventory was duplicated...    Working nightshift at the bar for what seems to be the last night,  emptied my inventory and sporadically items will reappear since then- even if it already reappeared.   So now I have two of each badge/jacket/suit/plains. 

(Edit: Equipping the other badge let me out)


Hey there, thanks for the very detailed report!

The thing that strikes me as most strange is that you said that you lost your saves. I've never heard that happen to anyone before, unless they were browsing in incognito mode. So maybe that was the issue? 

However, even if you lose your save, you can always skip to a certain section in the game using the button in the bottom right corner in the Load Game menu.

The issue with the inventory being duplicated and/or emptied should be fixed with the next release that we are currently working on! :)

We'll also look into giving a more specific message to the player when Jenna is simply missing her badge in order to leave a nude-zone.

The bug that locks you into the Motel prostitution room should also be fixed with the next update!

Again, thanks for the detailed bug reports and the screenshots! We're hoping to also find time to look into webgl crashes, but right now we're very tight on time.

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Nope,  not incognito.    The Skip to Content function wasn't ideal since it didn't maintain the specific progress I did, though I did skip past the beginning epilogue-tutorial.   I appreciate it being there though.   In the end I discovered that at least the DL'd version has a console,  so I just set the time of day to speed through up to where I use to be and am playing normally from there.  Just since I'm a bit of a completionist concerned about missing something.

Playing the dl'd version,  I've just come across an issue where I'm consistently hard freezing (requiring a forced close) in the plant sublevel.  On the first turn of a turn if I attempt to move,  it seems there is a just shy of a coinflip whether or not it will freeze the game.  So far it seems entirely avoidable if I skip the first turn, or if I don't move. It seems like changing to a different character first also helps.  (Edit: Nope, changing characters might help a bit but doesn't prevent it.  But at least now I'm saving after reach room.)

Edit:  Am I missing the way to access that house with the nightly parties, or is that not implemented (yet?)?

Any chance of getting attack "Animations"?  (Just an image of a character performing a certain combat action).  ie; Lover's Twirl, ect.

Bra and underwear have disappeared from my inventory after wearing the tribal clothing. is there anyway to get it back somehow or purchase it anywhere. The tailor and gear store don't sell it.


Heya, this bug should be fixed with the next release! :)

Has anyone else had a problem with the game acting like my firward and left keys are being held down?

Check for any controllers or Joysticks misbehaving

In the lumber rats fight in the bar, I keep getting a soft lock whenever Jewel gets reduced to zero hp, shutting that scene off.

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When i try to lose the bar fight, the game stops responding, even tho the pause button still lightens up, when my cursor is over it. At sublevel 2 i also have serios graphic issues.

when do i get jennas wet dream is is the only one i need but i dont know when i get it in the main story 

a ton of graphical errors on sublevel two, textures being torn across the entire screen from all over

Someone pls, tell me the Limeswing and Devil's Cum recipes, the recipe book appears blank in those pages.

berrypop = berry syrup, vodka, cherry syrup, berry syrup

sweet fruity

double buuze = vodka, rum


limeswing = lime syrup, cherry syrup, water, vodka, rum

strong sweet

lovers tap = chrerry syrup, berry syrup, rum


devil's cum (satan's semen) = vodka, berry syrup, rum, cherry syrup, vodka

strong fruity

- Z Avior K (2019)

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Upon updating to 14.1 from 13.2 all my clothes except Klaus's Badge have disappeared. I was in the middle of the bar sequence where I had been stripped by the patrons.


So I updated my windows version to 0.14.1/0.15.0 and my saves won't show up now. I went to the C:\Users\archm\AppData\LocalLow\Anduo Games\saves and they were still present. When I launched the game, I created a new save to see if it'd show up in that foldwer, however it didn't. Oddly enough, it's the only save that appears in the load game folder.

how can we remove our klaus badge?


If I get caught during curfew after first meeting Amber, I can't leave the motel when it is time to go out.   I had the protagonist take care of Klaus during her stay at the prison.

Not getting curfewed allows me to exit the motel.

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How do i go to sublevel 1 after. It's the part after fighting Wildfire and getting kidnapped by Rida


You go to the right on the corridor, and you can go over some of the mattress that are lying on the ground.

thank u so much dude, i was stuck on that part for so lon

Hi, Can I have the HTML5 version of the game? I would like to add this game to my portal with good amount of traffic .


ummm...guys, the new 14.1 seems to be showing an older version log, 12.3. is anyone else facing the same problem?

Please let me know!

Heya, what exactly do you mean by version log?


Let me start by saying that I love this game (800+ Perversion) and as soon as I get money, I'm becoming a Patron. However, I have noticed that the actual RPG element is lacking in that a exp/leveling system or skill tree hasn't been added to the game yet. On top of this, only Jenna's weapons, items, and clothing can be changed.

Will more battle/leveling/party customization be included in future releases, or is my poor Punk Jenna stuck at 20 HP for the Rats to shred apart in a few blows?  And aside from an easy clear for the Mark of Touched, will the Slums be important later on in the story? I wouldn't mind a few scenes dedicated to the slums later on.

And what about missed lewd scenes? Aside from restarting a new file, is there a way to go back and unlock missed scenes yet? Or is it a 'one or the other' kind of system?

Heya! Glad you like the game!

The reason that we don't have many traditional RPG systems is we intentionally want to avoid any sort of grinding. We know there's a balance that can be hit between progression and no grind, and we're hoping we can get there.

We also try to put a lot of emphasis on equipment rather than character in terms of customization, but there admitedly isn't many options in terms of progression. We'll be looking into ways to introduce fun progression without grind like being able to upgrade equipment stats / abilities, but it's not a high priority at the moment.

In the current build of the game, you can change equipped gear of all party members by opening the inventory screen and clicking the near the name of the character. You just can't share items between members which is another low priority thing that needs to eventually be added.

Having more to do in the slums would be awesome, but we currently don't have any plans for it and we know that other areas are sorely lacking in terms of content as well.

When it comes to unlocking sex scenes it's currently a one or the other thing, but your gallery save is global across all saves so it is possible to do multiple playthroughs to get every scene. You can alternatively type Gallery.UnlockAll into the ingame console to unlock all the scenes right away if you don't want to grind for them.

Right now our main priority is adding story to the game, both side storylines and the main storyline. Whatever they require is usually what we work on month to month along with little improvements we can make here and there.

Hope that clears things up for you! ❤

Actually that does clear up all of my questions! Thank you. I can see the logic of your team's focus. A long grind would dull the essence of the game. I guess I'm simply more attuned to traditional RPG elements instead of HRPGs. ^^ I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on the updates if I wanna see what's next! Keep up the awesome work!!

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I'm calling it right now:

Wildfire is Karen...
(upvote if you agree, downvote if not)

It won't let me download on my s8

Did they change the order in which you do some missions?

Like, i got Throb's patrol missions before Klaus gave me his money fetching mission.


Hey Anduo Games, I thought I should let you know about something I discovered a while back about your game. I used to be a patron of yours a little more than a month ago but I had to cancel due to some financial stuff. A week after I canceled my subscription I saw that you came out with an updated version of the game. On a whim I tried to get into the patron version of the game and I was able to despite the fact that I was no longer a patron. At first I thought that was being slow and didn't process the fact that I was no longer a member. So I decided to wait for the next version to come out to see if it was fixed or not. I tried entering the game earlier today and I was able to get into the patron version of the game despite the fact I haven't been a patron in nearly 2 months.

I tried to find a more private setting before telling you about this but I was unable to. If you are wondering how I get into the game, back when I was a patron I wouldn't download the game into my computer and would play it in So I made a shortcut by adding the games URL into my favorites bar on my web browser. So maybe this could be fixed by changing the URL for each new version or adding an extra layer of protection. Either way, I felt I should let you know about this so people aren't exploiting this flaw to get a free patron version of your game. 

Is there  glitch where you lose all your items in the game when uploading a save file and playing it?

Went back to the bar for a third time to work, and it crashes, and it keeps happening every single time, HELP!

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hey i had 9.0 version of the game so i dowloaded  13.2 version problem is i cant see Jenna or  jewel while in conversation  or when checking stats ? 

Does anyone know where is "sublevel one" please help

In the fiend HQ go to the far right end. There is a door leading to sublevel 1.

thank you so much

loving this game. is there a discord group?

Heya, there is:

I ran into a bug as I played the new sublevel 2 section. After the first fight I was unable to open the pause menu. The smartphone menu still worked but neither the ESC button nor the pause button on screen functioned.

I purposefully lost the first fight to see the game-over so maybe that had something to do with it? Has this been a common issue?

Nevermind, Just exiting the game and coming back solved the issue.

Great game

If you get captured by the guards during curfew when returning to Carceburg from the hub for the first time, the scene looks really awkward because Klaus stands in between you and the guards. Also, I can't figure out where to fight enemies to get rid of the mark of the touched.

Oh I figured it out. You have to go all the way down to the slums. I figure its probably much easier to figure out where to fight when the second sublevel is available. Also, Its confusing to figure out that the hub is directly connected to the secret base. 

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You automatically get changed into the Vibrosuit and Jenna's jacket if you get captured during curfew.

EDIT: When you wear the Vibrosuit open top, body writing does not show through.

Please make a Mac version. It's such a great game and I want to play it on my mac. 

It's so entertaining and I can't stop playing it

You can play the game on mac by using the browser version :)

where is the Mark Of Touched, I've won some fights and it doesn't appear anywhere


I have been trying to install version 12.3 on Android and it tells me that there is an error in the installation, is it a problem with my phone or the application?  (my phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

I wanted to ask, is the new townhall stall quest available right now in the public build, or is that in the Patreon version only


Its only available in the patreon version right now.

I know this is probably an obvious question, and you've probably been asked this before but do your saves carry over when the game gets updated

We should put this link in the game, due to how often it's asked, haha.
Hope this solves your problem :)

Thank you, that helps a lot.

Is there a way toy keep the bar uniform out of the bar or any other outfits I can wear around the game as I explore and do things other than the one at the gear shop 

Also how do you use the cc


I just want to say that your game is incredibly fun. Keep up the good work

He estado intentando instalar la versión 12.3 en Android y me dice que hay un error en la instalación, ¿es un problema con mi teléfono o la aplicación? (mi teléfono es un Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

Translation: I tried to install version 12.3 on my Android and it said that there was an error in the installation. Is it a problem with my phone or the application? (My phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3)

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