Third Crisis - Steam Key Giveaway!

Heya everyone! We're giving away 10 free Steam keys in celebration of our upcoming release to Steam!

Check out this tweet for more information!


0.20.4 Windows x64 255 MB
Apr 04, 2020
0.20.4 Windows x86 253 MB
Apr 04, 2020

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so from the sounds of it this version (itch) will still get updated just 2 updates behind the others, Right? This post explains it, but tldr; yes

Oh sorry about the typo, didn't see it lol

Is it safe to assume that the Steam version will be kept up to date with the Patreon version?

Heya, this post explains the differences:

Wonderful, thanks! One more question, is it possible to import my saves and gallery progress from the latest public Windows build to the Steam version?  I know the WebGL version had save imports/exports, but I don't know if that translates to gallery progress, achievements, etc. I just spent a good few hours playing and would rather not have to start from scratch 😅

Since you've played on the windows version, the steam version will (if on the same machine) find the saves and gallery progress automatically! :) 

If something doesn't work, feel free to join our public discord and ask questions there!

Awesome! Thank you so much! Totally in love with the game btw, your writing is terrific 😻

Thank you! ♥

Hope my potato Asus X441B can handle this game spec. Maybe I should do a purge on my system if the recent version acts up.


why no Mac version..

FYI, if you need to, you can download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft and run boot camp with Windows 10 indefinitely. Without a license.

That is not as easy for you as a Mac version, but is would be good enough for this game and most others on this website if they don’t support it natively.