Third Crisis v0.50.0 Released!

This month we’ve included a new chunk of the main story along with badgeless scenes.

  • Added new batch of main story content.
  • Added two new pinups and one new holiday pinup.
  • Added SuperDad outfit for Throb.
  • Added Lace Kitty Blue and Pink outfits for Jenna.
  • Added character art for Mina.
  • Added character preview for clothing in the shop UI.
  • Added new tidbits to the Holiday event mission for the resistance camp, making the mission now able to be completed late in the main story.
  • Fixed Wildfire Reveal CG not being shown properly.
  • Fixed a translation bug causing a softlock with the “Picking up the Pieces” Mission.
  • Fixed formatting in some mission displays that contained a specific character.
  • Fixed a bug that made the VR fight too difficult.


0.50.0 Android.apk 690 MB
Mar 05, 2023
0.50.0 674 MB
Mar 05, 2023

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Will it be compatible with Google Pixel?

Hey there! Every time I close the game (downloaded) and reopen it later the names don't seem to save. For example, Floria goes back to being "???" and Jewel goes back to "Dancer". It's not a big issue but it is a bit immersion-breaking. Other than that, great work, love the game!


hello again, finished with the main story again where your at the control room😊looking forward for more of the main story ❤️Also Jenna is still pure on my gameplay🫶

Glad you like the content! c:

You can check in the tab menu how much perversion you have. 0 = pure


When is the story update 😊

We did one like 2 days ago for the public version


Hello Anduo Games, when is the next story update. Sorry for bothering and pestering you with these questions, truly I’m sorry 

We release monthly, but we are focusing on bug fixes. New main story content will be in a few months


Hello Anduo Games, I have just finished the main story and I’m am staying pure for Jenna. I’m also wondering when the next story will be updated. 😊Thank you for creating such a game 😍

Heya, next story update will be a bit, because we are focussing on bugfix and quality of life improvements right now :)

when is the next update?




The "Skip turn" button never seems to work for me during combat. Anyone else have that? Any ideas how to fix it?

hold for 2 seconds


Wow! I feel totally dumb! Thank you for the help and the quick response.

no worries :)

What are the "Badgeless scenes" and how do I enable them?  Does lust have to be a certain level to remove the badge?

at 1.000 perversion, you can remove the badge :)

Thank you, as if I needed another reason to build my perversion back up on my new run through, lol.

Is the bunny suit quest currently in the game?

No, only during the easter event

Ah, what range is that?

Just curious - is the game a 32bit app on Android? I've been unable to run it ever since I upgraded my phone to Android 13. If so, are there any plans to swap it over to 64 bit?

Heya, we've tried updating to 64 bit for android but ran into extremely weird issues that we could not find a solution for so far. We'll look into it again in the future.

Thanks for the reply! Crushed that I won't be able to dip back in soon; hopefully y'all get the problem sorted at some point, but don't let that get on the way of more excellent content!

Can I use a save from the previous version or am I doing something else wrong? I just downloaded the new version and it says 0.50.0 on the menu but the message about no new content is still at the same point right before the departure to fight Mina.
I just found out about this game recently and finished it like a few days ago not really expecting any updates in the near future, so it was a pleasant surprise followed by disappointment lol.

0.50.0 ends right before the departure to fight mina. Did you download the previous version from here as well?

Oh, interesting. Yes, I did check it again and the previous version I had (0.49.0) actually seems to stop just one fight before what I assume is going to Mina.

To be clear, on the previous version I could train with Rida only once and then she disappears and the content ends, while in the new one I can do one extra fiend fight and she stays available for training multiple times before talking to Lady and interacting with the sign. Is that correct? It also already had the SuperDad outfit for sale at least, didn't try to buy it though.

I am considering supporting this because I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would, just can't do it right now unfortunately.

Huh... Rida isn't supposed to disappear in the first place if I remember correctly... Weird. I'll have a look.

0.51 has you continue / finish the rida storyline and 0.52 starts the floria storyline.


any chance that this game would have pregnancy update?


no, but we have some slime content that goes a little in that direction


damn. would have been a nice if its added to the game. ill keep it on my steam wishlist to buy immediately if it does happen


We will not add pregnancy, sorry.