Third Crisis 0.7.5 Public Release!

We’ve worked hard for the past month to deliver you a combat-focused update revolving around the Lumber Rats in the Carcen Slums, along with a new holiday event that contains a festive outfit and a new mission to obtain it!

We've been taking a small break for the holidays, which means that the next public release in February (0.7.6) will contain a couple added CG sets and not much else. March will bring the next major update to the public in the form of 0.8.0.

Happy Holidays from the Third Crisis team!

0.7.5 Patchnotes


0.7.5 Windows x64 110 MB
92 days ago
0.7.5 Windows x86 107 MB
92 days ago
0.7.5 Android 132 MB
92 days ago
0.7.5 WebGL 146 MB
92 days ago

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