April Releases! (0.9.1 & 0.10.0)

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0.10.0 Patchnotes
We’ve got a new update with lots of sexy new scenes for you to enjoy! This is also our
first update to add animated CGs. There’s no guarantee that all CGs moving forward will
be animated (especially the more complicated CGs), but we figured it was cool so we did
animations for the CGs in the bartending content.

This update also contains the most h-scenes we’ve ever added in an update at 25 new
scenes added to the gallery. The entire game before this update had 45, now we’re at 70
scenes total in the gallery.


Public Release!

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0.9.1 Patchnotes
0.9.0 Patchnotes
We’re back with another slice of main story content including a whole new location for
you to explore and new characters to meet! There’s also a new minigame to play in the
bar that has you bartending. Don’t get groped!


0.9.1 Android 129 MB
Apr 04, 2019
0.9.1 Windows x86 123 MB
Apr 04, 2019
0.9.1 Windows x64 126 MB
Apr 04, 2019

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