Third Crisis April Bugfix Releases!

Heya everyone!

We've got a pretty massive bug-fix patch for both versions of Third Crisis. This should optimize memory usage a bunch, and also solve a lot of softlocks that have been reported to us. Hope this solves all the problems that people have been having!

If you've got feedback of bugs to report, the easiest way to reach us is on our Discord server!


Patron Release (0.10.1)

Public Release (0.9.2)


0.9.2 Windows x64 134 MB
Apr 23, 2019
0.9.2 Windows x86 134 MB
Apr 23, 2019
0.9.2 Android 153 MB
Apr 23, 2019

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Nothing really is working for me, no interaction, can't start new game everything was just bugged. :///