Third Crisis May Releases (0.10.2 / 0.11.1)

Heya all!

We’ve got the releases for this month finally sorted out! There were some pretty massive visual bugs that had us stopped in our tracks, but we’ve managed to skirt around them.

Both versions include new scene art in the art style of our character sprites. We’ll be slowly working through the old scene art to get them all converted over to the new style with each update.








0.10.2-r2 Android 200 MB
May 14, 2019
0.10.2-r2 Windows x86 189 MB
May 14, 2019
0.10.2-r2 Windows x64 192 MB
May 14, 2019

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ANDUO please make a walkthrough or add a cheat button that opens all the gallery scenes.  Would much prefer the walkthrough tho...  btw  great game. Keep doing what youre doing

Open the console


If you are stuck, we'd love to know where, so we can add some information on where to go next. We prefer this a lot over making a guide.


i've had some bugs in certain parts on android port

the gearshop and some battles,HUD freeze and the only thing working are the save n load

8/10 great work,dont lose your motivation


I rly like this game keep it up guys I actually enjoy it a lot ur all doing a great job and I can't wait for the next update


Thank you very much for speaking up! It's much appreciated! ♥