Third Crisis September Releases (0.14.1 / 0.15.0)

Heya everyone!

This month’s patron update brings a bunch of lewd and lore! We have more townhall content and the sublevel two storyline is now complete!

The public update finally brings Jenna into the townhall! She seems to be really enjoying it in there!








0.14.1 Windows x86 221 MB
Sep 08, 2019
0.14.1 Windows x64 224 MB
Sep 08, 2019
0.14.1 Android 238 MB
Sep 08, 2019

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What a twist, the plot and the side porn good, but I have a soft-lock situation: I got Victory and defeat stacked on each other, then when I move the character, it doesnt follow.

Here how to reproduce the glitch:

  1. Let red hit blue
  2. Maybe hit red a few times (maybe uneccesary?)
  3. Check if the program acts up. I have a feeling one of patreon have same issue as me.

Hope the best for the team, good grace.