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UPDATED FEBRUARY 28th, 2024 (v0.57.1)

The browser version cannot currently be uploaded to itch.io because of file size restraints. To play the game in your browser, click the link below:




Third Crisis is an adult tactical-RPG that follows the adventurer and hero known as Vibe. After a mission gone wrong, she’s forced to adjust to her new way of life in the lust-ridden town of Carceburg. Whether she gives in to the bliss of submission or uses her sexual appeal to her advantage on the battlefield is all up to you!

As you delve deeper into Carceburg’s mysteries, you’ll come to uncover the secrets surrounding the crisis that saw humanity defeated and enslaved by the sinister organization Peitho.

[Movement] WASD, Arrow Keys or Left Clicking
[Sprint] Left Shift or Move the mouse further from Jenna when clicking
[Use / Interact] E or Left Clicking
[Cancel] Q or Right Clicking
[Pause] ESC, F1
[Phone] Tab
[Toggle Sprite]

Guide to the Console
Guide to Save Files

The game isn't finished yet.


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(2,928 total ratings)
AuthorAnduo Games
GenreRole Playing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Erotic, Female Protagonist, Hentai, mature, NSFW, Story Rich, Tactical RPG, Turn-based Strategy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls
LinksSteam, Homepage


0.57.1 Android 1 GB
0.57.1 Windows 784 MB

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I hope there was a Korean version

Can I take a role as a translator?

Hey guys, im at the Town hall D1 i think its called, where you get the peitho collar, and i got the first 2 or so scenes and im stuck. i cant interact with anything and nothing is happening

Question how roughly complete is the final part of is the game and what would be a very rough date of release of the final part of the ending, nothing too exact just when we could expect it?

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i can't buy Third Crisis on steam because it isn't availeble in Germany :(



Would a vpn work

nope it dosn't 

how many ending are there?


This game is a caress to the soul and another thing is very good the story is good I think I only need two endings if I had a PC and money I would surely buy it I loved it .

The android port doesn't work on galaxy s24

How to prepare a double buuze?

There's a recipe book in the same screen where the ingredients are. Browse the pages with A/D + E


is there a paid android version or is it just the free one


tengo un problema con la escena con jewel del evento  de pascua no se ve como se puede arreglar 



I am having a problem with the game that soft locks my progress when during the second flight with the taken the 3rd enemy does not make their move

Same, but after i leave the game it fixed

Will the main ending be available in free version?

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After discussing Commander Pyra with the researchers, I don't know how to proceed later,Unable to leave this map area


Where is the hidden plot behind?

I'm stuck in the dialogue plot in front of RESEARCHER now


the gallery scene view has hints on how to unlock every scene in the game.

Finished all the scenes of PEITHO TRAINING, and can't live without PEITHO ROUTE area

Hey! I really enjoy the game, bought the steam version recently. Do you have an estimation on how far from finished the game is? I'm kind of hooked by the story and maybe want to wait until it's finished to experience it in full.


We are working on the final update

Great, thanks!

I'm on mobile and I can't equip a sub weapon for some reason

what is the difference between paid and free version?


paid version has more story content, more outfits and more side content

So, the guide doesn't make it clear and neither do other guides I'm seeing. How do you raise stat values in the console? I know it's "stat.addvalue stat_[statname], [value]" but when I type in a stat name it says that stat cannot be found. I've tried different variations like "PhysicalDefense", "physicaldefense", "physdefense", and so on, but it doesn't work. Can we get a list of what the stats are spelled out as in the console. So far I can only raise my hitpoints but not above 20?

I don't know the command off the top of my head but if you just wanna skip combat, using the skip mode is much simpler. Just enable it in the game settings and it'll give you a button to skip any combat.

It's not that I can't win the fights, I just like customization. If you find the commands, please let me know! :}

Do you guys have any cheat like tons of C and pervertion ? (Ik the skip)

Getting constant `RuntimeError: index out of bounds` errors that freeze the game on the web version.

For example:

RuntimeError: index out of bounds @blob:https://c4r6g7n5.stackpathcdn.com/cbc2051d-3497-4e26-bc7d-5d9fb50bed2b line 10 > WebAssembly.instantiate:wasm-function[115097]:0x275f9e7 @blob:https://c4r6g7n5.stackpathcdn.com/

Apparently this game doesn't work on Android 14 devices.


Does not work on latest S24 Android 14

I would love to buy it on Steam, but Germany is region locked as far as it concerns games like this.


use a vpn create a gmail with the vpn in an unlocked country (with the same currency as your country in this case euro), make a steam account with that gmail using the vpn and buy the game from that steam account

Released on GoG recently, just noticed that when I saw this as a "related" game to something I was looking at, they may not region lock you like Steam does?

how do i leave occupied carceburg?

Does this got those futa on femboy stuff

Will there be more games like this? I really liked the style, the plot, the variety of choices and scenes. Just judging by the updates, the plot is slowly moving towards the end, so I want to know if there will be any more such game.


We are working on something new c:<

Oh yeah! Consider that I'm already waiting for it.

Thanks for fixing the browser version!!


It always force closed when the strong alcohol event start. Is the android version still not stable for 0.57.1 update? Because it was smooth sailing for the older one. 

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Where can I find the red Slim mission? 

I just finished talking to Karen in the prison

You will get a side quest to search for an abandoned mansion once you're in the house in the forest that houses the resistance, leaving south.

When you're in the bar Talking about Karen

Do I have to choose give up on her?

Or continue fighting for here?

If you give up on Karen, the main story ends there.


I used that as my spot to copy the save and switch from a pure run to really leaning in to the corruption aspect. The downside to this game is I wish there were more interesting things in a pure run, it gets kinda boring if you stay on track and keep fighting, all the fun is found on the way to bad ends.

How do you get the surprise stripped? + How to get the stripper job

I think surprise strip is part of the main quest. 

I'd recommend checking the scene gallery, it comes with hints on how to unlock every single scene! c:

Will there be language selection in the mobile version in the future?


i played this game a long time ago and at that time i was part of the people who skipped the texts, i never even finished i just stopped, now that i'm coming back to this game i redid a save, and now that i actually read i feel bad about what i did last save (i tried to go max corruption) i didn't even know karen existed, but now that i do i feel really bad about it and i'll be trying to go for minimun corruption, so i had 2 questions: can you actually make is so that you don't get corrupted or is it literally impossible, and if yes will it actually impact the ending.

thanks for reading, the game is amazing, the art the story (now that i read it) and the gameplay are really fun, but before i went further i jsut wanted to ask those questions because my tiny little heart hates to see Jenna and Karen separated, much love!


Glad you like the game ♥

The ending is not 100% done yet, but having exactly 0 perversion will be very much noted c:

Where is the tailor's suit?

Could you add a skip button for all the players if they deleted the game


we did that. check load game menu.

Talking about the skip prolog still gives you the options real started the game


Is the website for the browser version still ok, or did something happen to it, because my browser says the security certificate expired.

You're not the only one. It's completely broken, for me.

It finally works again!

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Dose anyone know where Sublevel One is at?


You go through it during the main quest. It's the only way to get there.

I don't know how, but I was able to take off Klaus' badge at one point and had a few scenes that only happen when it's off, but after a while I needed to put it back on in order to leave the motel after going into it. Is there any way I can take it off again, or did I bug it?


It's a bug.


Browser version still not working?

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in my country steam does not allow this kind of content, so any chance to buy the full version here on itch or another page. Is there also a buy option on patreon if itch is not possible? don't want to do a monthly subscription


Maybe once the game is done.


can you get pregnant?


only with a slime monster.

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