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This looks AMAZING. It feels great too, which really surprised me. Most 3d games I've played feel quite clunky, this felt sharp, responsive, and smooth. I hope as it expands the smoothness doesn't go away as you populate the world.


Thank you! We'll do our best! c:


Pls Optimize for systems with internal GPUs like the  intel 620 UHD and quad core systems. it is runing at 10 fps add more graphics settings

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You can try and reduce the resolution and other graphics settings, but I don't think that an integrated intel chip will be what our optimization target is for, sorry.

This looks mighty promising. Just beat Third Crisis recently. Great game too.

Thank you! ♥


N'étant pas abonner a son patreon, je ne peut pas répondre a cette question, en revanche dans cette démo il semblerai qu'il n'y est pour le moment que le marcher au s'esclave. Mais cela te permet de voir le potentiel de se jeux, qui pour m'as par est incroyable. Si tu en as les moyen essaye de t'abonner au patreon et tien nous au courant ;)


Soooo... is the demo just the Slave Market/Brothel or am I just missing something obvious?


Gettin a good bit of both wild life, Carnal Instinct vibes from this. very much lookin forward to what yall do be cookin in the kitchen

is there bdsm in this game like in third crisis ?

loved that game very much


We are planning similar types of lewd content! :)


would love a FoV slider if it hasn't already been requested.
I have a 21x9 monitor and it looks like the default engine setup is to chop the vertical FOV which makes the game feel kind of claustrophobic.
Otherwise i am very excited to see how this game pans out.  Alda feels very genuine as a character and the world already peaks my interest just like third crisis did.
The sound design is also very well done, which is something I feel a lot of people overlook in games.

Already implemented the fov slider, will be in the next update! :)

Thank you so much ♥

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These devs hate men, two games not even one with a male protag option 



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How is it that in two games not one has a option to play as a man?


Idk, we like female protagonists, doesn't mean we hate men wtf

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Nah think thats exactly what it is, oterwise at least one would be. But misandrys cool to you rught


If you want male protag game then play them instead of complaining about the ones that aren't?


Dude. Do you know how little good adult games have female protagonist? Like at most 5% of all good adult games have a female protagonist.  
Let us have what little representation we got in this industry.
If you want to see misandry, go look at family courts not adult games.


fucking retard


What kind of mouthbreather comment is this? "They hate men because they have 2 games and neither include a male protagonist" , that doesn't mean they hate men that means they have 2 games and neither include a male protagonist. That's it.

I legit love this, i don´t usually care about 3D lewd games but damn this is good, the only issue i have is that my game like freezes for a bit when trying to go to the guild gate idk why it doesn´t open or if the demo ends there or am i missing something?

Heya, did you find all the scrolls indicated in the tab menu?

The large gates do not open currently.

aaaah ok, yes yes i did find all the scrolls

Then you've seen all there is for now. We're working on more! c:


Guys, you might wanna add a save button for the graphics settings cuz when i set the graphics to my preference and exit the games, the settings go back to default(high) when i load up the game again. And it would be great if you guys optimized the games for  laptops with low level hardware. [i5 11th gen, 8GB ram, 2GB VGA]. I'm more than happy to play the game on low graphics. But frame drop is a no-go.


Already implemented for the next update :)

Market section of the game is also much more performant in next update.


Thank you very much.


Pretty interesting so far. I don't do early access but if the quality continues, you'll have a sale when the game is completed.

Honestly, what I played from the Demo, Im actaully impressed and excited to see where it goes.

I played the demo, nice! But got a question, all scenes will be played only in the patreon version?

The scenes in the tab menu are in the patreon version :)

will there be futa ?


there already is lol


Found a spot where all color is obliterated, think it looks really cool. Maybe a skin could be put in to make her look like this? Anyways, amazing game, cant wait to see where this goes.

Whats happening there is that there is no reflection data in that section of the level because it's unfinished. So the lighting tells the material on the character that it should be dark, but because there is no reflection data it defaults to the skybox. So the character is drawn as unlit but with skybox as the reflection. It's just a silly little oversight. Will be fixed :)


No no no, I think it's awesome! I was saying it would be a cool skin if you ever implemented a skin system

Awesome game so far, can't wait for more.

When you might actually not last 5 minutes playing this game...

I had to hold myself back until I got through the demo tbh. Best demo for a game like this ever, and can't wait for more!


ehhh... i dont really get why you guys are making another game considering you arent done with third crisis and i also dont get why your making it 3d but you do you i guess, just make sure you finish third crisis at some point since its really good


they're almost done third crisis from what i heard

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Well, what are you expecting? Usually high utilisation is a good thing, it means that the available hardware is being used.

There's a fps limit setting in the graphics settings, which will reduce your utilisation by drawing less frames. I set it to uncapped by default.

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I'm definitely buying this if it continues like this. And I really hope it isn't only lesbian interactions with the main character girl. This is the single best porn game I've ever played, and believe me I've played LOTS. I can't imagine how much time was put into just the demo...


Thanks! Glad you like it!

Won't be only lesbian, the patreon version has a non-lesbian scene with the main character and there's already MxF content in the demo on the market. We do like female characters tho c:

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I loved Third Crisis so , the moment this comes out of steam you got my $

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loved the demo, usually not a big fan of 3dcg games since the models usually look off, but this one was pretty awsome.

looking forward to what comes next!

Thank you! ^-^


Love the demo! Might sound funny. But I really love the writing. It just proves you can have a bit of class and still be kinky! You don't have to sound like a drooling idiot and it just adds so much more to the immersion of the game. So so SO well done! I guess I'm just old fashioned. (I read WAY too many Victorian romance novels lol)

Thank you! ❤️

I try to give the dialogue a bit more depth by iterating on it. It's not always easy but asking "could the spoken words and their meaning be 2 dfferent things?" can help sometimes c:

Aw man... it looks like a really fun game that I'd like to play and support, but my machine can barely play it on lowered graphics settings. Idk, maybe if I tune up my setup it could work. Right now I'm on an AMD quad-core 3.6GHz with 24GB installed RAM. Graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GT 730. No idea which part I'd need to upgrade or tune. Might even be my driver settings.


Thank you, I'm glad you like the look of the game! The gt730 was released in 2014, which was well before some of the rendering techniques we use in Erokin were invented.

I'd love for the game to run on hardware that's not super modern and I'll look for ways to optimize performance! :) No promises though, there's just a hard limit on what we can do.

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Demo was fire But damn was it heavy on my steam deck when going inside the brothal animation's is going to big thing here but it has alot of promises can't wait till i get this on Steam 


Once we release on steam some time in the far future, I'd love to provide a native steam deck version with good performance! :)

I have a dev build for the steam deck that runs between 25 and 60 fps.

Excellent lastly the sprint Button was the B button, at lease when I was playing it with a controller, making it weird to move fast and move the camera with R stick normally it should be the L3 or Click the analog I know this is a demo but just wanted to point that out.




Amazing demo! excited for the future of Erokin

played through the demo and i'm very excited for what's to come! is there a list anywhere on what content is to be added?


Heya, no list, we're more so going by what we can do, rather than what we want to do, haha.

In general, expect similar content to Third Crisis though.


kind of a boring demo... everything is locked behind patreon

Might as well the minimum setting is 3 and above Ghz processor and RAM 16GB because boy when I start it, the fps is only single digit. Even the file size screams size queen!


What are your specs?

Processor: AMD A9-9425 RADEON R5, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G 3,10GHz

Installed RAM 12,0 GB (11,5 GB usable)

System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

OS: Windows 10 Pro

Version: 21H1

Heya, the graphics chip Radeon R5 was released in 2014 and was fairly low-powered at the time of it's release. 

I'm sorry, but we will not be able to properly support this gpu :(

Knew it. Mine laptop's spec is more for office work anyway, so knowing my device limit is good enough for me. Thanks for the support, and I give Crisis Point, and this game you develop right now recommened rating, because I sure you make it awesome.

While walking around I saw a basement area in the (what I assume to be) tavern. Is this going to be some sort of strip club under the tavern, or a gambling area? I think gambling could be a fun mechanic, and then you get some more lewd bets the further you delve into it.

Also, is it going to be possible to change clothing - like in Third Crisis - in the future?


Heya! The guild building + tavern will actually be the good-people hub area c: There will be less inviting areas to come though c:<

I'd love to have a mechanic to swap clothes, but as of right now it's not planned yet.

Wonder if it would be able to work on a mobile device using the JoiPlay emulator... will have to give it a try sometime soon, because it looks good.

actually found this because of an artist I follow on Twitter, go figure lol

Heya, I don't think this will run on mobile hardware, the game is really not meant for it, sorry :c


Played it and it looks very promising so far! 

So far this was all just walking around, looking at goods, but what do you expect the actual gameplay to be like? What kind of game can I expect this to become?

And I assume this game will have a story? At least I hope so, cause I want to know how she ended up with a mental succubus in the first place.


Yup, we have tons of backstory written, but right now we're focussing on world-building and lewds. The plan is to have a realtime combat system, think dark souls. But no idea if we can pull that off yet.

Besides that, the game is planned to focus on story and lewd side content, similar to third crisis.

can this run on a potato?

it runs okay-ish on my steam deck, but at the end of the day, it is graphically intensive.

ah i see. thanks.

this game looks amazing, i tried the demo and i love it!! 

btw i have a lot of FPS drop when i enter market  it's like 60 instantly to 20

also i think alda face can be better, current one kinda werid no offense
just my personal opinion.

Thank you!

looks good , i havent played yet but id probly pay the 14 bucks for the good build , and to support its development , 


Well, it is kinda totally broken

how so?


except from some technical bugs it is not finished at all, not even a complete level

Bruh it is still a demo if u could read


Nice glad to see anduo making new games!



Looks very interesting and hot so far, it's a shame I couldn't do the lewd event due to patreon exclusivity, but looking forward to buying this game once it comes out for sale <3

If Third Crisis is anything to go by, then this will be some next level kinky fun.

Thank you! ♥

You're welcome, I am hoping for a Steam Early Access like you did with Third Crisis so I can at least support that way, sadly don't have the funds for monthly support 🙂

Eventually, yeah. But it's gonna be a while until we release on steam. :)

Of course ❤️

Very excited for the game! Even with minimal content, it shows a lot of promise.

We're working on more c:<

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