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Erokin is an Adult Fantasy RPG in development, made by Anduo Games, featuring an elven mercenary named Alda and a succubus in her head named Dala.

Enter a world of dark desires and twisted pleasures. Explore the town of Gateston and experience the corrupt and alluring church culture that dominates it. Navigate through the seedy underbelly of the market, where the lure of melt is difficult to resist.

Will you succumb to the corrupting influence of the church and embrace your inner darkness, or will you resist temptation and stay pure hearted?

Experience intense and explicit scenes of debauchery, including lewd rituals, perverse cleansing ceremonies, and depraved sexual acts. Indulge in your darkest desires and explore your innermost fantasies.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(141 total ratings)
AuthorAnduo Games
Tags3D, Adult, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Lewd, NSFW, Unity


Erokin-v0_2_1_Public.zip 1 GB

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Oh This looks impressive, is there is a list of Kinks that are present in the Game?

Just curious, the start doesn't really feel like a start, it feels like I missed the introduction.  Is the intro game somewhere else?  Is this just a demo?  Will the intro be added later?  Is this actually the start and we don't get an explanation of why that girl at the front gate is important or how the MC got stuck with the succubus?

Anyways, enjoyed the game, thank you!

Much more will be added, including at the start of the game :)

good game

Hi the pause menu doesnt have an option to save game is this a bug or is saving still in the works?


no option for disable futa...disgusting!



I keep running into data error: Sharedassets1.assets.resS whenever i try and unzip the game


le falta optimizar


do i have to rebuy every time you update it? (if i only pay for one month)




wish there was option to turn off motion blur. not for me, and it's slowing down my game

also, am i the only one getting a white menu bar that makes it impossible to read the options?  it's more readable in buildings for some reason.

Il me tarde tellement de découvrir l'univers de vos jeux... sont histoire sont gameplay, ces personnages.

J'aime la direction artistique, les textures sont agréables à l'œil, les modèles 3d sont magnifiques.

J'espère qu'il deviendra un mmorpg pour adulte avec des combats et des interactions spéciales avec différents pnj, de façon consenti ou non =).

Si possible un Donjon nous appartenant, ou une maison personnalisable, ou l'on pourrait asservir tranquillement nos esclaves, que l'on achètera au marcher.

Des dongeons de boss, pour avoir de l'équipement, du craft pour fabriquer des objets .

Ce ne sont la que des suppositions, car votre jeux de par sont aspect et sont environnement donne beaucoup d'idée. J'aime votre travail.

Sincères salutations.



The other problem is that it's so poorly optimized that even the 3070 tablet won't run smoothly


I suggest you make it a priority to update a full story line. Now it looks very shallow. Maybe I push a little bit and there's no follow-up, which leads to porn with a lot of foreplay. Of course, this is the game is currently in the early stage, which is not a very rich reason. It's been great. I hope you guys get better at it.



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What are the requirements for this game so I know if it'll run on my pc.


Gtx 1060 with ryzen 3 or equivalent. That would be bare minimum though.



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am i the only one that has the bug that the "mission text" overlaps itself with other "mission text"?


Is there anyway to play this on macbook? Also How do i go about getting the game if i were to get microsoft 


There is no mac version, sorry. The windows download is on this page.


how to disable motion blur...


There is no motion blur enabled.

please add more such options in the future.


ajouterez vous dans de future mis a jour ? 

Google Translate: will you add it in future updates?



bonjour, je me permet de vous ecrire afin d savvoir qu'elle genre de contenu ajoutera


Google translate: hello, I would like to write to you to know what kind of content will add

We will add similar content to Third Crisis.


Hope more fun stuff with Limar are added in soon. Lesbian femdoms are the best


so this isn't a specific problem with this project, but rather something i've been seeing a LOT lately with newer games. your "default" framerate cap is set to unlimited and when i launch it the first time my graphics card starts spinning up straight to 100% to render the menu lol.
again i've been seeing a LOT of new games doing this and i don't know why but maybe set the default to a nice sane 60 and people can just go from there lol.

... actually i wonder if this is a problem on my end, i wonder if there's some graphics card setting i've missed...


i fucking love you, my games been crashing and this tip fixed it

damn  love slov coruption games on fem PC

This game is becoming better and better.

I love it

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hey i keep getting lost can a map be provided ingame or a hint system but after going through the underground market are you supposed to interact with everything and then it unlocks another area cause i explored all areas i am aware of and other than the starting area and the underground one i found nothing is it supposed to be like that or is it a glitch 

Damn now thats impressive!

When i start the game i get stucked on ''press any button'' screen, nothing works even if i delete and reinstall or launch as administrator
Any ideas to fix it?

heya, left mouse button doesnt work?

Nothing, the game recognizes the mouse but no button works, the same with the keyboard, just stuck on the initial screen

how can we unstock the character

Can i play this game with joiplay ?

This Game is too heavy to run on Mobile 

no, sorry


Why not split it into chapters and add unreal later in chapter 2 or something 


not sure if this was talked about yet and if so sorry, due to the ooga booga bonfire that is currently unity whats the plans for games that where built upon unity? saw that in the recent game jam yall once again cooked up some good stuff but still just curious


We're considering our options. Unreal is definitely looking very juicy right now but remaking what we have so far in unreal would be a monumental task.

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That mess mostly affects bigger companies and publishers that create and release the AAA titles, not indie devs. Wish Unity explained that clearly in the first place when they outlined the new license pricing terms!

is this game on steam???




When on Steam?


how to get full game without patrion


No way currently, sorry.

Any planned schedule for the next version of the game? It's an amazing build and looks great btw excited to see more and where you take it.


If things go well a month or two. Thanks! ♥

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Shows an update dropped 8 hours ago (oddly enough)


There was no Erokin update so far. We're on it.

Is there a fix for the game immediately crashing after clicking "start demo"


I wouldn't mind seeing other scene with the slaves or other bad ends with all the stuff you see at first. It would be interesting :3


Pls Optimize for systems with internal GPUs like the  intel 620 UHD and quad core systems. it is runing at 10 fps add more graphics settings


You can try and reduce the resolution and other graphics settings, but I don't think that an integrated intel chip will be what our optimization target is for, sorry.

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If your pc sucks to run this game then that's just it. They can't optimise it so that it can even run on a ps2.


Does the game have a translation into another language?


So far, it's only in English


This looks AMAZING. It feels great too, which really surprised me. Most 3d games I've played feel quite clunky, this felt sharp, responsive, and smooth. I hope as it expands the smoothness doesn't go away as you populate the world.


Thank you! We'll do our best! c:


Pls Optimize for systems with internal GPUs like the  intel 620 UHD and quad core systems. it is runing at 10 fps add more graphics settings

(1 edit) (+1)

You can try and reduce the resolution and other graphics settings, but I don't think that an integrated intel chip will be what our optimization target is for, sorry.

This looks mighty promising. Just beat Third Crisis recently. Great game too.

Thank you! ♥


N'étant pas abonner a son patreon, je ne peut pas répondre a cette question, en revanche dans cette démo il semblerai qu'il n'y est pour le moment que le marcher au s'esclave. Mais cela te permet de voir le potentiel de se jeux, qui pour m'as par est incroyable. Si tu en as les moyen essaye de t'abonner au patreon et tien nous au courant ;)

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