Erokin v0.2 released!

It was a ton of work but here we are! The first content update for Erokin is out and here's the public version!

0.2 Changelog

- Added main story content in the guild.

- Added cutscene for meeting Marcus.

- Added cutscene for meeting Fiona at night.

- Added Alda's room to the guild.

- Added Day/Night time, you can switch by sleeping in the bed in alda's room in the guild.

- Added Saving / Loading.

- Added a completely remade User Interface.

- Added Posing for Photomode.

- Added lewd content, story and environment for after alda gets caught drinking melt in a cage.

- (Only in Patreon version) Added lewd content at nighttime on the Market (Cura Blackmail)

- (Only in Patreon version) Added lewd content at nighttime on the main square (Masturbation behind Guard house)

- Added lewd content behind the blocked door that would connect the guild and the main square.

- Added Church Statue in the main Square.

- Added tons of environment detail, including posters for in-universe lore.

- Remade Lighting in many parts.

- Improved performance, especially in the Market area.

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Sep 27, 2023

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plans on making a launcher so the game can update automatically?

Awesome stuff! I'm only curious if there'll be more bondage content added in the future?


Mobile in the future??