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Due to Unity's implosion, we did an internal Gamejam this weekend to learn Unreal.

This is the result of that Gamejam! ♥


Fallen Unitopia is a top-down action shooter where you must survive endless waves of increasingly stronger enemies. 

In order to keep up with the growing enemy strength, you need to use the money you earn to buy powerups that make you stronger.

You are the last remaining Anduon in the crumbling city of Unitopia, a city that once flourished in peaceful cooperation, now overcome with greed and tyranny. Now the Unitoids are coming for your wallet, and only you can stop them.

Make them pay.

Known Issues:

Moving only works after right-clicking for some reason. 


Aim - Right Mouse

Shoot - Left Mouse (While Aiming)

Grenade - G (When unlocked)

Sprint - Shift

Dash - Spacebar

Open Menu - X or ESC

Zoom - Scroll Wheel

Interact - F

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AuthorAnduo Games


Fallen Unitopia_v1_3.rar 2 GB


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Tried to run this using Wine on linux. After installing vkd3d-proton and viewing the opening cut scene, the main menu background flickers. The game itself only shows an abstract image before my character is presumably killed.


Probably an issue with Wine and UE5. That's out of our hands with how little experience we've got with the new engine. Sorry!

h-hey! arch linux girl! good to see you again!! have you tried using Lutris as a runner for the game?? (well, i guess, technically it would be a runner runner since proton itself is a runner and lutris runs that and others... off topic. sory. heh.)   works great for me on zorinOS 16.2(?) i forget the version of my distro sorry but its based on ubuntu 20.1 ... i think =)

anyway, hope lutris works for ya. thats how i run most of my games. now i just need it run d3d12 (dx12). shouldnt be too hard. just need a little time to figure it out. well, hope i helped.

Can i play this game with joiplay?

I don't know what that is, but probably not. The game is free, so give it a shot!

Joiplay is a emulator to play windows games on Smartphones


Wrong, it's a ren'py & rpg maker, flash, html emulator, not windows emulator but there's a windows game emulator it called "winlator"

6 GB for a game? Unreal Engine indeed good, but awfully fat and not budget rig friendly. I'll try anyway, see if the game's compatible with my rig and enjoyable.


Where are you seeing 6 gb?

I saw that too when downloading the game from the itch App


Looks like when I mention that. They scramble to check why the file's so big, found the perp, then manage to cut em to only 2.6 GB. Still quiet big, but more manageable. Thanks for answering in my stead.


We haven't touched the uploaded file since release.

is this just a test game?


6 GB is tiny by todays standards. lol


The game is 2.7 gigs where is this 6gb coming from aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Its 2.6gb, but when downloading on Itch is says 6gb of disk space required. People are confusing the two

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For a gamejam with the focus of learning a new engine i must say its not as bad as i expected, had a fun 30 minutes or so. well done.


That makes me super happy to hear you enjoyed it. We had a ton of fun making it.

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(4/5 game Give it a go, you'll have some fun)

It's a quick fun game reminiscent of the old 2000's flash games era (in a good way) 😁

it is obviously a lot more appealing graphically and gameplay wise compared to those older games.

The only thing I would currently add is the option to buy a shotgun as a secondary weapon.

Also F*** The Greedy B*****d Director's & CEO of Unity.

The -$1 per reload is a funny Easter-egg to their Greed.


Glad you enjoyed playing it as much as we enjoyed making it! We had a blast.


you may also consider godot for smaller projects


Godot is definitely an option! We just wanted to jump right into Unreal, and we learned a ton about it while making Fallen Unitopia.


Most appropriate, given the circumstances XD


and fun too!