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Awww, cmone, you cant end on such a downer :( I am not even in the mood to visit the Gallery after that ; _ ; 

Honest talk, great game. At first I thought it just a "Slut simulator" (and a  good one) game, but hell did that turn around once we got to Wildfire... 

Dont get me wrong the twist was pretty clear, but hell, even if you knew it coming, it hit really hard just by the way you handled it... Left me real down in the end, whch is overall a bad thing, but speaks for your game... 

Cant wait to see how the story goes on^^ (Both sides, while I dont think they go well together, just because, well for a girl who reacts like that in the end, Vibe really had too much fun in town xD, both individually make for a great game). 

Honestly, I dont think I really liked any Hentai Game that much for the non-Hentai aspects since the Legend of Queen Opala games or Sengoku Rance... 

Thanks so much for the feedback! So much appreciated!

We'll work on making the 2 storylines of jenna being slutty and the main story work better together :)

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thats a noble goal, but dont hang yourself up on it too much, because it might be really hard to do... 

I mean where are we right now, we have a girl who gets high in having countless strangers fuck her boobs and mouth all night, literally took over a bar to have her private brothel to grope and group f*ck her and literally became addicted to cocks... who is looking for her one true love who happens to be a woman... 

I mean, in the slut route there are multiple points where she almost literally says "fuck my Girlfriend, this is me now!"

I think even with good writing, and I think we can totaly trust your team on that point, these two characters cant be merged into one any more... xD

But like I said before, both Story Lines work very well on their own^^

Dose any one have or know where I can get an android 0.15 save file. Got a now phone recently and lost my save

In the load menu of the game, there's a button to skip to content. It currently has a bug that doesn't show the images in the skip menu, but just press on the top of it.

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Hey, I just reached what I believe to be the end of the game (After the 2nd boss fight with Wildfire in Sub Lvl 2). Is that the actual ending of the game, or is there more to the game? I'm asking because tbh, this is the ONLY 18+ I've played that has me the desire to continue playing the game? I really wanna know if there's gonna be more added to the Story, or like if there's gonna be like a Third Crisis 2 or somethin'. I really can't help but feel like I'm at a cliffhanger after reading through the dialouge during and after that boss fight. Once again, I'm highly impressed to feel this engaged to a 18+ game just as if it was a non 18+ game. Massive props to ya/y'all Anduo Games (Not sure if it's one person behind teh development of the game or multiple people). Also, I didn't get to the necessary area (I think the prison tent) in time to take part in the Halloween Event-- just to clear that out. Not gonna go into detail what happened in that part of the game bc I don't wanna spoil the game for y'all

Edit:  Clarifying I ain't gonna spoil shit for the game.


This has been answered a bit lower down in Sean's similar question. It's the end for now, there's still more planned though.

Alright, thank you!

Hey there, thank you so much for speaking up! Hearing this means a lot to us! ♥

We've grown to a team of 3 core members and more than 5 contractors. Right now we're working on continuing the story right where it left off. So the December patreon update will have new content and that content will, as always, be free to play by non-supporters one month later in Janurary.

Again, thanks for the kind words, glad you like what we are working on! ♥

in this version,do the alley happen any thing? 

I've tried a few things already and can't seem to make it lead anywhere.

No content in game yet.

So, I finished the sublevel two mission, already dealt with the plant boss and fire boss for the second time, go back to the prison, already talk to both of them in prison.....I lost the track and no idea where should I go next. Is this the end of the line for this latest version?

Yeah that's all of the main story for now. More will be coming in future releases.

Ahh I see. Anyway, the game overall is nice. Bug I found so far: in sublevel two, sometimes when I killed an enemy, the enemy is dead but the sprite is still there. And I cannot end turn no matter if all characters party AP is spended or not, forced myself to alt+f4 and restart the game. Only occured once.

Ok, this is really, REALLY irritating me: how do I disable to autoplay feature?  It continuously keeps me from finishing the text and moves on before I can finish and rushes h-scenes way too quickly.  And I've already thought to disable it by pressing the hotkey associated with it (Don't have ALPHA1, 2 and whatnot, so rebinded them to keypad), but it doesn't do anything.

There are buttons on the bottom of the dialogue textfield. One of them controls the autoplay speed. It toggles through slow, medium, fast, off.

I have a weird bug where if I return to the city after having been to the hub, I get trapped in Jennas's room and get the "can't leave without my gear message" whenever I try to get out, despite wearing all the gear. Because of that I  get stuck whenever I try to retrieve the suitcase armor.

You need to put on the badge, it might have gotten unequipped somehow.

When do you plan on making us able to unequip the badge and go around town "greeting" the townsfolk

We're planning on doing it, but we haven't gotten around to it yet. Not sure when we will find the time to implement this.

 I can't get the Pinups, if i collect the Pices i need they don't get unlocked what can i do?


They are for patrons only at the moment. We forgot to show a message informing players of this in game.

Gotcha! Is the character gallery patreon only as well? If so, is there anything new to do in the public release?

when will the development notes be out for this update?

nevermind, also I got some pinups completed but they arent showing up in the gallery

They are for patrons only at the moment. We forgot to show a message informing players of this in game.

ah I see, ok

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I think I ran into a weird bug of sorts. I was in the middle of collecting the pinups and unlocking the character gallery when my internet cut off unexpectedly before I could save anything. Now I boot the game back up and not only is the stuff I've collected not showing up but when I try and collect the pinups again they aren't unlocking at all. I don't know what to do fix this or if there's a way to reset my game so I can collect everything properly? Also, the scenes I've unlocked for the gallery are fine, they're still unlocked. It's just the other stuff that I've talked about is just a little finicky. EDIT: Or, they're still unlocked but they're showing up as not found/locked? It's weird. Thanks for reading this!

The pinups are for patrons only at the moment. We forgot to show a message informing players of this in game.

Ah! Gotcha! Sorry for the lengthy message on this then. Have a good one!

Is the Halloween content still available after November 1st? I've finished both boss fights at sub-level 2 and talked to the prisoner, but when I go back to  Carceburg nothing happens. Is there anyway to access this mission after?

The halloween even will be back next year. Until then it's not accessable.

I do not know, if this is something that was told somewhere here or not, but basically. Everytime I play the downloaded version of the game, it simply sort of resets my screen sometimes, then leaving the screen of the game blank, or it makes my monitor not notice my computer until I reset it. I'm not sure if its something related to graphics cards or such.

Other than that happening every now and then, I enjoy the game so far!

Sorry, that sounds like something on the side of your hardware, I can't see anything like that happening when I try the game :(

do anyone know how to defeat wildfire (karen) in sublevel 2?

use Throb's special ability to knock wildfire back so she can't attack blue. 

use throb to push blue out of the way, and position jewel and throb around blue, wildfire will move to attack blue from a side not blocked, its mostly patience you need for that fight

Found an issue. So I logged back in, and I got saves from before the pub was a thing.. The last save I have was before the ambush and when they get the explosives. Anyways Throb has dialogue and it shows a white large box whenever he talks, and in some instances when I load in certain buildings. I love the game but this is annoying me


Is it an issue that when Jenna gains back her vibro ability, she runs at like 0.001 m/s unless I hit [ENTER] to skip the animation? And I can't wait to see the next update. FINALLY a hentai game with an ACTUAL plot!


Yeah, that's a bug that will be fixed in the next update. Thank you for the compliment! ♥

Is it normal, in version 0.15.1, to loose all gallery if i load another save?

Also, why after first phase, where the MC appears in left side with her curent state and body and after I go in the city, to cannot see her curent status body or icon avatars on chatbox


I was wondering if anyone knew how to bug the prison without gaining perversion. I want to do a zero perversion run, seeing as one of the options later requires you to be "pure", but I can't seem to progress in the story without bugging the prison, which it seems like you need 20 perversion to do. Anything I'm missing?

From my memory, you can interact with the prison at the bottom left of the town during the day to bug it without any perversion adding up.

Please make a downloadable version for MacOS computer players I really want to download it so it runs smoother.

I completed the sub level 2 boss fights and went to Carceburg, but for some reason I can't start the Halloween event no matter where I go or who I talked to.


Did you talk to the person in the prison in the fiends hub?



So I finished the story so far, I hadnt yet mostly just wanting to do the halloween thing but since I had to I completed it and I gotta say. I kinda hate you right now. 

Without spoiling anything you've managed to remind me of my last relationship with the direction you're going and it honestly? Hurts like hell to see what's going on in the story. I get there's a need for it and a need to progress the story but it's honestly quite painful. That's both a compliment to your writing skills and an insult because fuck it drags up a very dark mindset for me.

To those reading this who havent played to the current story end yet PLEASE do. It's very emotional but it's something I think you need to experience.


Oh..! Wow, we're sorry to have put you in a dark mindset. Hope you're alright :o

Thanks for the compliment... I guess..? Haha


Please don't feel bad, trust me when I say you guys deserve a lot of praise for managing what you did. Not many games let alone a free ro play adult game, can manage to capture that kind of emotion especially from someone who has experienced it first hand. Sure I'm unhappy with the fact of where things are in the story right now because I want to see this all end happily but I know in the end you all will make a beautiful game. So seriously good job. You deserve much more praise than I can offer


where do I start for the halloween quest? or will it just tell me when its time?


You need a save of the completed sublevel 2 content (having finished both bossfights) and then return to carceburg.

So go to the sub level then back to carceburg?

It doesn't work for me.

Coming from an Android user I can't save the game and after I closed the game and tried to start it up again it wouldn't load I just get a blurry screen for 5 minutes before I lost patience and closed the app.

Then attempted to open the app again after the first 2 logos it is blurry screen of nothing and start bg music.

You really need to fix the alignment of the battle buttons, so I can stop unintentionally ending MY ENTIRE TURN when I click the Skill button.

Why is that RIGHT NEXT to the Skill button anyway??? There is a reason every other tactical RPG on the planet puts that button behind another menu entirely.

How can I get a job as a booth girl? I’m at sublevel two currently but I never got the opportunity to work at townhall. Can I go back later?


There's a guy at the bottom right of the townhall, who will provide you with an opportunity! :)

When the halloween content becomes available to non-patreons, how will we access it? Do we talk to that skeleton npc?


The content from last year and the content from this year will be available due to us pressing a button on our server. We plan to do that on the 20th. You can access the new content from this year by finishing the sublevel 2 story content (the 2 boss fights) and then visiting Carceburg.


Somehow I skipped the Throb Patrols and Motel scenes and still finished all other content including Halloween. Anyways, Upon "Skipping to 0.6" to try and unlock the rest of the content,  I managed to finish all the patrol and motel scenes EXCEPT "Jenna's Wet Dream". How tf do you unlock this? As I said, I've done all content in 0.16, every single scene is unlocked except the wet dream. When exactly was I supposed to unlock this?

I skipped the earlier patrols and stuff accidently by wandering around wondering what to do, and for some reason I was allowed to ask Throb to help with the ambush before even getting the armor and it allowed me to bypass. At the time, I didn't think much of it except, "Why is this guy helping me and why am I caring that he's gay?"

Anyway, yeah. Please can someone help me unlock "Jenna's Wet Dream" in the motel scenes. I don't want to redo the entire thing to try and find it, just skip to an autosave or something.



It is supposed to unlock during the throb patrol mission. I'm guessing it's bugged. You can unlock all scenes with the console command Gallery.UnlockAll

Alright thanks!

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If I go straight to the bar in the morning and ask about work the game crashes 100% of the time.


Thanks, we'll look into this!

excuse me why don't you let me download it for mobile device ?


We do though. 

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Hi! Just finished playing 0.15.1. Great game. Love it. I particularly loved the perversion progression. The combat system is also surprisingly well developed. I love the accurate auto saving feature; a huge quality of life issue even most triple-A games don't have! Love the attention to detail and little easter eggs and references.

Things that I thought were absolutely wonderful, like 'really? they took the time to make this?!'

- cat. MORE PET.

- people respond to your appearance.

- you get perversion (+1) for talking to people if you're wearing something perverted (ie. nothing).

- perversion progression and graphics for various states (camel-toe and nipple poke). Suggestion: I would also really appreciated the bra to have a lifting effect on the breasts although I do realize that this means that a lot of clothing would need a second set of graphics so I can understand if you decide not to do it. 2nd suggestion: I would also love the vibrosuit (or other pieces of clothing as well) to have multiple perversion states. For instance opening up the vibrosuit a little before popping out the puppies. Or a skirt that can be worn hitched (such the waitress outfit).

- Jenna's idle facial expression changes if you're wearing perverted clothing.

- Dressing and undressing your character. I love games that have this mechanic. I also particularly like that it's quick and easy to do with no artificial delays on transitions on user actions. This might seem like a small thing but it's a huge QoL and encourages the player to experiment.

- Consistency in expectations: certain areas allow you to get undressed and require you to be dressed before exiting. And you can initially get undressed in more places than just your room, yes! All of that makes it fun to try and find these areas.

- I can also really appreciate the apparent effective allocation of time and resources. I really don't mind that a lot of the side characters don't have proper character sprites.

- The writing is solid and the text mechanics are also solid (purple text, cursive text for narration or thoughts). I looove the back button, such a simple thing that most games don't have.

- Drunk Jenna text. Ok, either you made two versions of every line that Jenna can say or some mad genius programmed a drunkify() function that turns a normal line into a drunk line. It's absolutely beautiful.

- Jenna's general upbeat attitude. I certainly notice you took inspiration from a certain other IP. Having a main character like this I think makes it easy for the player to feel ok about a lot of bad shit that happens.

- Throb's quest line is just .. nice. It feels weighty. I certainly wouldn't mind more of this.

- Having the story start right when things get interesting and filling it in later with flashbacks. Just a really good idea.

I did find some bugs:
1. several graphical issues with the _undamaged_ vibrosuit 'open top' variant.

1a vibrosuit 'open top': if you're wearing a bra it wont show up. It the suit is (fully?) damaged the bra does show through.

1b vibrosuit 'open top': if you're _not_ wearing panties the cameltoe doesn't show up.

1c vibrosuit 'open top': if you're wearing body writing it doesn't show up. The body writing does show up if the suit is (fully?) damaged.

2 Fight on sublevel one, room with Chef's tent. If an enemy is on a tile in front of the room doors (not the tent door) it can not be interacted with. Workaround is to pull the enemy away.

3 After re-acquiring the dash ability (before Floria fight) the dash walking animation is extremely slow instead of extremely fast.

4. Issue with quests not completing: 'A commanding presence', 'Out of Time', 'The Naked Eye', 'The new waitress', 'Townhall Job' are marked as uncompleted. Some quests are 'stuck' on the last step some quests appear to have no pending steps left. This seems inconsistent, I didn't get it on my first play through.

5 Notice board combat quests, unclear how to progress. Picking fights in the slums doesn't seem to reliably progress the quests. Maybe you can only progress the quests once per day?

6 Game crash: Trying to load a game while in a dialogue (or specifically the glitchy sequence after the save point after defeating Leath) reliably crashes the game.

7 People respond to your appearance; ie. damaged clothing, but also if you're not wearing it. I'm not exactly sure on the conditions but I do run around naked quite a bit and got people complaining about tattered clothing - or is that what they say if you're naked? Maybe consider changing that line to avoid confusion.

8. At some point in the game Jewel's skills got reordered. I think it was after (or before) the Hub hazing fight; when she acquires the vibrator or some point after it.

These were all bugs that I think can be fixed. I also noticed somethings that maybe are not so easy to fix or are more of a design thing:

a. Railroading: the sequence from the engineer fight, Leath fight, glitch event, until you wake up naked in prison is a locked sequence. This feels a little weird. I think should be possible to break up the engineer fight and Leath fight at least.

b. Pacing issues. Sometimes you do a lot of fighting back-to-back and then no fighting at all for a long time. Perhaps gating side-quest progression by main story-line progression could help?

c. Money and perversion progression is .. hyperbolic? I have 1200+ perversion and 5000+ gold. In the beginning perversion is hard to come by and money even harder, even a little grindy. Once you start the waitress job both money and perversion take off. I do enjoy figuring out the correct order of actions, I'd like to see more of that. I don't necessarily mind that you can bank more money than you can spend (I did that in Witcher 3 too) but I would like to see a little more granulated progression.

d. The waitress content: I enjoyed it but it was a little long and it does go quite far. It seems obvious to me that the perversion order should be: waitress, motel, town hall because story-wise these increase in levels of perversion. Perhaps at some point have Martin (bar owner) put his foot down. One minor issue I encountered is that you can have Jenna waitress naked long before the story requires her to be.

e. In the first combat encounters Jenna can attack as often as she wants but after losing the laser blasters you can't anymore, but you do get Akimbo? I found it a little confusing. I think there are many more issues with combat but maybe it's not worth the time to improve it. Maybe a small QoL improvement would be to have melee weapons also hit diagonally. Knockback direction becomes an issue though, maybe just pick one at random?

f. Combat: move the 'end turn' button further away from the action buttons. I did misclick it quite a few times.

As you can see from this HUGE wall of text I absolutely love the game and wish you all the best.


Thank you so much for the constructive criticism! We really appreciate your effort! We're also glad that you like the game so much! We're going to look into things we can do to fix the issues you pointed out aswell as the enhancements!

If you're interested in staying in touch with us, we've got a discord server:

The drunk Jenna is indeed a programming thing by the way :D We have a whole system to replace and/or change text in dialogue as somewhat of a "post processing". In this case, there's a few simple rules in which the dialogue is changed to make it seem drunk.

I like the idea with the bra, but as you correctly pointed out, it's quite a bit of work sadly :/ But we generally look into having more visual changes for Jenna. But again, it's so much work sadly.

I also do agree, that the whole intro sequence up until arriving in Carceburg isn't exactly the strong point of the game. There will be changes to it, at the very least visually.

It would definitely be cool to have some money sink in the game. Right now there's only the shop with the weapons and stuff, but we'd like to add more. We have an idea for the townhall to be a moneysink with lewd implications, but no promise on that yet.

Again, thank you very much for the positive and constructive feedback! <3

Will raising your lust levels have any negative impact in the future? Like, will the ending change depending on how high your lust levels are at the end of the game or even some events throughout the game?

Hey, I was wondering how you actually get the patrol scenes with Throbb? I've played through up until the Hub and don't have any idea on how to get them

(2 edits) (+1)

Throb gives you a combat suit (suitcase in your room) at some point. Sleep until curfew and interact with the suitcase in your room to put on the suit, then find Throb in front of the town hall. 

The suit makes it so you can walk around freely during curfew. 

You can get to curfew time by selecting 'wait until curfew' when sleeping in the bed.

Klaus will also have a surprise for you when you return from your patrol ;)

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someone pick up the phone cuz I CALLED IT!!

Hello, who is this? Jenna!? YOU RUINED MY LIFE YOU BITCH.

So sad :(

I just started the game, and I'm a little bit confused, according to the game's description, "Whether she gives in to the bliss of submission or uses her sexual appeal to her advantage on the battlefield is all up to you!". So I wanted to go for the second option, but so far everytime a scene come, either I submit, or I avoid the scene completly.

Am I understanding it wrong? The description make it look like the option is either submit or make other submit, but the beginning of the game look more like submit or stay pure.

(2 edits)

I think that's for the later stuff. I mean becoming more slutty will grant you more money when working at the inn and will add to the sexappeal when in a fight. Idk if it makes you more resistant to the corruption, but the npc's seem to regain part of their sanity after their "needs" have been met.


This is honestly one of my favourite games that I have come across on the internet. It's both sexy and fun whilst also having a decent story. It gets better with each and every update. Also love Jenna's design for a protagonist. From the Vibrosuit to her looks, the design is awesome. The only real concern that I have is, if I skip to a certain section of the game when going the Pure route the game seems to assume that I want the opposite. It's a bit nit-picky I know and I do greatly enjoy both routes but I feel going for the Pure route is more difficult due to this. Still it's a fantastic game that I have spent several hours enjoying.


I see the pure route as a replayability or challenge thing. We play porn games for the sex, not for avoiding sex ;)
Kinda like a how Undertale has a pacifist/genocide ending.

Can someone help, I’m Doing the bar job where you mix drinks, and I can’t make a “sweet with cherry” drink. Anyone have the recipes?


Literally all you have to do is find a sweet drink in the book- make it and add a cherry to it

Well I only had 2 drinks that were sweet and it never worked. But I switched to my main pc and it worked better, I believe the game messed up because I was using my surface pro 3 to run it.after I switched I’ve had no problems, loads much faster.

So it's more of a platform issue? Good to know.

"sweet with cherry" means you have to add the cherry, using cherry syrup is not enough. Maybe that's what went wrong? I did that wrong.

well idk, because I added the separate cherry even with the sweets but nothing worked. Idk what was up with it but it’s fixed now

I've been having a problem when I wanted to install it.  Is it a problem with my device?  (it's a Samsung Galaxy Note 3)


The amount of work gone into this is very impressive, and the game can definitely eat up a few hours even at this stage. 

But for my own personal ability to satisfy my ethics and enjoy the game, I'd appreciate if you could clear some things up for me (and maybe add the answers to the game in a throwaway line somewhere?): Is Jen bisexual, and would Karen be okay with Jen fucking other people (and especially men)? I'm hoping the canon answers to these questions are yes, because I don't want to be forcing Jen to have sex she doesn't enjoy, and I don't want to have her cheating on her girlfriend. 

I'm also not sure how I feel about the scene at the beginning where Karen is, frankly, being raped. I understand it's there to help the player understand that something more is going on with the villain's abilities, but honestly I'm not sure how well it does that. 

I think the same or better effect could come across with the villain approaching Karen in a cell and asking her questions while she gets eaten out by someone she's in full control of already, as an intimidation tactic, but Karen is never involved. It still gets the message across that the villain can control people, and explains what has happened to Karen, but doesn't involve her getting raped, and I would prefer that to what is currently in the game.

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

Yes, Jen is bi, she explains so while Klaus is taking advantage of her; whether Karen is cool with her sleeping around or not is unsure (knowing her she would just pull out the whip and paddle on Jen), but those choices are entirely up to you

As far as everything else, in my honest opinion, all I can say is this: you are not required to play this if you don't like its content, that big X in the top right corner of your computer is there for a reason


I do understand the criticism. It would a shame for a game that his this much effort put into it to be undone by a poor setup. If you establish that morality is not a thing you undermine the perversion mechanic.

(1 edit) (+1)

I do remember a line about Karen giving Jenna a collar. Saying that 'the collar is special, only wear it for me' or something to that extent, hinting that Karen and Jenna have an open relationship.

I also didn't necessarily like the intro scene. Why are the other 2 people there in the background? If I break it down the opening sequence has to establish a couple of things:
- The game is an 'adult' game.
- Karen is held against her will.
- Leath is a baddy.
- Sex is used as a weapon.

Another suggestion to make it less rapey: Leath is trying to coerce Karen into oral sex in like an interrogation style.

Leath: "I could make things a lot easier for you if you gave me oral"
Karen: "Ugh, this stuff you pumped into me is making my head spin. Maybe .. I .. no .. Jenna will come for me you bitch".

Then flesh it out with some more dialog. Something like that?


imma be porn game out there, has a somewhat straightfoward but actual story and plot while also having a good art style, updates actually have new stuff, animations are brief but there, lots of side off events, I beileve the game is perfect and when finished, ooooh boy


Aww, thank you so much!

No problem, also is not afraid to dabble in same gender stuff heh

I can't find any keys on the first sublevel 

I played 0.15.1 and found keys after clearing the rooms of enemies. They look like glowing pieces of paper.


I feel kinda dumb for asking this but, how do you access Throbs quest line?

Throb gives you a combat suit (suitcase in your room) at some point. Sleep until curfew and interact with the suitcase in your room to put on the suit, then find Throb in front of the town hall. 

The suit makes it so you can walk around freely during curfew. 

You can get to curfew time by selecting 'wait until curfew' when sleeping in the bed.

Klaus will also have a surprise for you when you return from your patrol ;)

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