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Hi guys, I was trying to move my save files across platforms but when I load them Im unable to interact with any objects. Did anyone else have this issue?

Guys, I can't find abandoned house. Where is that abandoned house? I checked every inch of map but still can't find it. And because of that, I cannot progress in game. 

Hi guys when im at the last part of the patrol. I Found a little bug, and i dont know how to fix this

it keeps stopping at 90%  >_>

Just wait a little, it's loading the engine at that point.

ok cool thx :

The phone menu occasionally breaks. Tab key won't open it & the icon won't respond to clicks. Happens after the first scene in the bar where you leave during curfew.

same can't leave my room now

so, i'm stucked after the night patrols, what should happen after that? i couldn't find nothing to do after that in the 0.9.0, i guess i've missed something but i can't figure it out

I think there is a bug if you finished the patrols before 0.9 you will get stuck with the story that you can't continue,if you really just want to play and don't care about your save file just use skip to content in save menu

Hi, I'm new to this and not I'm sure if others have this problem,but I downloaded the app for this (the latest version) on my Moto Play Z Android (version 8) after the logos nothing else happens. Just a fuzzy background and that's it. Pls help

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I'd like to offer a suggestion to people posting about crashes. It may help developers if you give more detailed information. Operating System version, memory, last known working version of software, and a brief description of the issue may help. For the developers, if any information will help please ask.

Is that simple to read a transparent recipe book and making the air Cocktail ? ( Android user)

It's a bug that we just fixed internally about an hour ago. It'll be in a 0.9.2 build within the next couple days.

is there a guide? I'm stuck after doing all the night patrols.

I just gone through that.

  • get the bomb during curfew
  • talk to the NPC at the pub (first) and the NPC on the right at Town Hall
  • Make sure you have GAG Whiskey on your inventory
  • just follow the objective after that 'guard near the slum' event
  • use water barrel to douse fire.
  • You figure out the rest


wait, which NPCs

That guy that you patrol with that have crush to Tiny, and that girl in the pub with the living quarter behind the raised platform

The Android version won't launch and crashed my whole phone 10 seconds after the Anduo logo

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I'm pretty sure this is where I put this:

I just downloaded the game on my android and when I start it, it won't completely start up. It crashes.

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I also have this problem on android 4.4.4 Gets to Anduo logo, and crashes completely after about 10 seconds. I backed up/deleted saves and other data to see if that would help. Game recreates cache/UnityShaderCache/version file and files/.../ArchivedEvents folder with no files in case that info helps. Last working release was from 2 months+ ago, I think 0.7

I'm having the same problem and have been for the last 2 months

It may be because of issues with the phone running out of memory. It's something that's going to take a lot of time to smoothly optimize because of the large amount of images that the game contains.

How would I go about doing that?

I think they mean they have to optimise the game engine. If that's the case, it might not be their first priority unless patrons are finding it to be a common problem. Unfortunately that kind of work is a serious pain in the butt and can't just be done in a weekend. Oh well. I'm not a patron myself so I can't really complain. Best thing for non-patrons to do is be patient and keep your fingers crossed.

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Hello I happen the same does not start on Android, I do not think it is for the optimization of the game, and tested on a cell phone that has 1GB of RAM and runs normal, but when you install it on a cell phone with 3GB of RAM does not start me , it closes after the logo of Anduo games, and tested in other mobile media range and some if it starts without any error, no matter what the error, but I do not think it is optimization of the game, it must be a code that makes the game Crashee.

Post data: My English is not very good.

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So far I have found several problems with 0.9.1 both here on and downloading the files itself. 

  1.  The game seems to softlock when asking to do bartending work in the evening.
  2. On the patchnotes it states that the problem with the tentacles not animating when using the tentacle flogger on yourself has been fixed, yet the tentacles don't appear at all when doing so.  
  3. When entering the bar, it automatically sets the time sometime in the evening.

 Has anyone else been having this problem?

Deleted post


the bar thing is something I get too, shame bc I was interested to see how that goes


For some reason whenever I go to the bar, it becomes night. I can't do the bartending scenes!

Well, while I doing missions 

I always checked mission tab and sometimes I got failed on some objective 

is it a part of story or am I failing something? 

where's the download option to 0.9.1?

Ran into a little hitch. Currently uploading everything still.

Are you going to add a way to earn some more money at the town hall? I saw that there is still a free hole in the wall...

i second this ;)


So....9.1 ?

Still having issues completing the kill quests, after completing the story fights, ie obtaining the flogger and blaster there are issues. Instigating a fight after this point with the rats upon victory the player either not exit fight mode and will be unable to move with the health bar still showing above each character, or unity just crashes entirely.  I was in one instance able to get past this issue, though on all other attempts I encountered this bug.

yeah i finished the game once, everything was fine the first time i played, then with a saved game i started a new one, and i'm greeted with proffesor x's sister, i like the game a lot and honestly i wish this could be fixed, because otherwise it's basically perfect

Heya! This bug is fixed in 0.9 already. It'll be public in early April.

you have no idea how glad i am to hear that, thanks!

Just finished my first playthrough today, and I love it.

Possibly stumbled across a minor bug.

I was fighting some Rats and killed two in one shot, via grav knuckle and a wall to knock them into.

they both died but the screen got locked in the same shake animation from the start, when Jenna was getting flung through time.

Pretty great so far, but I ran into a bug. When I went into the slums and lost a fight and woke up in the motel, none of the menus were accessible. Tab and Esc did nothing and the icons were missing too. I couldn't save or anything so I had to close and restart the game.

had the same issue on v9.1

Hay un error al entrar en la habitación del hotel, que me dice que no puedes ir a tu equipo y que no puedo encontrarlo. Siempre tengo que usar la consola para salir. ¿Es un error o estoy ciego?

nice,and can't wait AGAIN for 0.9 omg~

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Hi! Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but I believe I've found a bug. If an enemy kills both your character and themself in combat on their turn, it seems that it causes combat to freeze. This happened to me when facing a slum squirter(?), and she used her area attack against me, but caught herself as well in the backlash. We both died, leaving one character left on both sides,  but instead of shifting to my turn, combat froze.

I've beat WildFire but i don't know what to do next ? It's keep showing  the Victory text again and again .

how did you get to wildfire? im on the find equipment bit

more detail, please ?

Loving the game so far guys, but im playing version 0.8 and I have no idea what to do. Im up to date with missions but I don't know what guard to give the whiskey to or how I get to wildfire and do her quest. please reply!

Same, I looked everywhere and spoke to the tailor but still nothing, is it something you get along the quests

im not sure I think I may look at the start again when you get given the quest to find explosives etc and see if it says anything there

The explosive you got is from the guy in your inn at the middle room, ask clause about him maybe. also the guard that we need to encounter with is through southwest road of the town go into the woods and see him.

Why am I not able to update the app? It says 


I'm using Android 9 on a One Plus 6

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same problem, using android 8 on an s7

edit: uninstalled the old version of the game(lost all my saves) :( and it let me install the new version. if there's a way to back up saves, i guess try that and reinstall from scratch?

Thanks for sharing your solution to this problem! You can back up the saves, even on android. Here's how it works: link

Hi I did the same, I have a android too, but its not on my save files 

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  I really like the game so far, but there is a bug in the Windows 64 version of the game.   When in the save/load menu you can't use your mouse to click on any of the saves, now normally this would not be a problem but when using the arrow keys & interact button it does not highlight the save that you are on, so I have been having to blindly guess which save I am on before I load, ( & with so many autosaves eventually it gets very difficult to guess right ).  

  Same with the shopping menu, the mouse doesn't work but at least it highlights where you are, but when purchasing something it brings up a menu asking 'do you want to buy this'  'Yes' or 'No'  & again the you can't click on one with the mouse.  So what I have to do is click exit the shop then walk left & hit the interact button to purchase something.  

  I know the game is still in development so I was hoping this could get fixed soon.  

  Otherwise I absolutely love the game!  I really like that there is an option to take the perverse route as opposed to that is the only way to do things, I also like the fact the the perverse path is colored in pink so that the player knows which one is which.  I also like the strategy that is involved with the combat, & I LOVE the comedy & puns in it as well!  

  I shall patiently await for the game updates.  I am interested in seeing how the story unfolds.  

Best of luck!

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Well, I can't find the new guard to interact with, not even the waitress uniform that's on the patch notes. Help please!

obs: I'm keepin up on the save file of the last patch, I don't know if there's something about it.

Hello developers, I found a bug or I think I did. I don't know what happen but twice now i have gotten stuck right here after the second battle n the Horizon. I am still able to use the phone, pause, and change screen size. (Can see on top left of pic) I hope that you are able to fix it in the next update, besides that keep up the great work!

NEW UPDATE WHEN???? REEEEEE  im just joking, but srsly, did update got delayed or something?

We've got the last art assets now, so we're implementing them now and the update should be up within the next few hours! :)

i cant wait :V

Is the release delayed or is it just me in a different time zone

Nah fam, still not out(at least in Vietnam)

Is today the day....?!

Will there be a save file included to put players at the most recent update, I've played through the game so many times now and I don't really want to do it again.  Anyways love the game keep up the amazing work.

Hey there, yes there will be skip points for the upcoming releases! There are already some in game though. Just check the buttons in the bottom right corner in the load game manu! :)

You guys are awesome, Ill try to start donating on patreon next month.

give me my v 8.0 aaaaaaa


Haven't been this into a game like this since COC, I love it, the storyline and the characters are great, and the nsfw scenes are top as well. I'm using 1.7.6 for android and I've encountered a bug, the script for the pink text isn't working.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the updates 💙

Hello developers, I just wanted to say i love this game and not just because it has boobs. I love the story and how complex some of the situations are. However I have run into 1 problem, I don't know how to get the outfit so i can work at the bar. I don't know if it has been implemented yet but if it has then please help. Other then that great game and keep up the great work.

Hey there, thanks for the feedback! The bar sequence is not implemented in the current versions. We are about to release a new version (0.9) to the patrons which does contain parts of the bar sequence. For the release we're aiming for the 6th.


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