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nice! played it until sublevel 2 and waiting for new update. By the way I played it for six hours for 100% so your estimation on stating 30 minutes playtime is not accurate as you already knew the game and where sceans where and where not... Oh and BUG: The one really annoying bug I had was that I could not do any nightservice anymore. I went to the Motel owner and told him I wanted to earn money ... and then he said talk to me next morning. I did so and then the bug. I clicked on I want to earn money ... and the dialog window closes and nothing happens. And that happens no mater how many days / times I wait / try ... Tryed this after 100% completetion and was still broken so... and why cant you take the badge off when not in town /or in the hub cause you get to the hub. You leave the hub and go back to the city. It is dangertime so you get inside motel. You sleep. You cant get out of Motel room without putting bade on. Back at hub. Cant take it off. :( But as a conclusion a really nice game but really why are the pictures of Vibe(The MC) so shit ? I mean you have them on the ui that look really nice and then when in "action" cowgirl for example. It looks shitty like really trash. But the good text makes up for it :D still please replace the shitty pictures with good ones because your ui pictures show that you can make good pictures. Overall a must try :D

ps: I finshed with about 7000 Money "f***bucks" hahahah

I still cant unlock sublevel 2!

It says will be available in future update! Help!

May I ask if anyone else is stuck at the 'mature content' warning? For some reason the game doesn't detect when I select yes so I can't get past that. Re-downloaded the game twice, still happens. The game was running fine yesterday, don't know what I did wrong lol

Heya, have you tried waiting for a few seconds after clicking yes? I sometimes takes a bit to load the main menu.

If that doesn't help, feel free to join our discord and ask us there. I'm sure we can figure it out! :)

I've tried a few times, it only detects when I select no... But I'll try to ask there, thank you very much

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im running 1.12.3 and there is a bug where when you go to save game all text will become gibberish and be unable to play the game 

running vers 1.12.2 and can't talk to the trader guy in Gear shop, Vibrosuit, jacket and underwear doesn't appear to be repairable (tried in vers 1.12.1, could try paying for repairs, but wasn't able to, even with more than enough cash), plus can't get down to Sub-level 2 after unlocking the mission for it?

the vr area of the game has become impossible to win the weak 15 health guys can hit you from across the map through obstacles and will ether outright kill you first hit or the second one will i don't know what to do here can never get close enough to them first round to deal with them before they just outright kill me.

That's definitely a bug. Thanks for the report, we'll look into it!

Until then, you can use the console command to skip the combat in the vr section! :)

if i export the saved file, then overwrite the save progress after it has been export, will that exported file be updated or i have to export another one

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This game is amazing, i like the lust in combat idea, i think it would be cool if lust would be some kind of mind control thing and had it's own health bar.It would also be cool if we could buy re-usable sex toys for healing lust further in game

I found only a few bugs, nothing major, UI bug on the Gear shop that made everything unclickable, getting the char outside the screen on the slums map, and getting stuck in victory screen after a battle together with the soldier right after killing the last enemy with a knockback into the main char, and also noticed that when i skip my turn it skips the whole party.

When comes 0.12?


why isnt 'working' in the town hall an option :p it would be fun to do that

The game is really unstable. Every time an expression on a character's face changes it freezes for a second and most of the time the game crashes. The same happens when I try to save. Also when I try to skip the dialogue my monitor turns off.

The game is really nice, but sadly,  is unplayable 

i cant play this game anymore both on browser and on downloaded version. both crashes after clicking new game

random Victory bugs, dunno why but sometimes after winning a fight it says victory and supposed to send you back to the map but instead you just stand and can't do anything but close the window and load a save slot.

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How to make character equip vibrosuit in Android device?

i can't play this game on browser because when it reaches 90% shows me this error : 

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'buffer' of undefined
    at processDataJob (UnityLoader.js:4)
    at i.callback (UnityLoader.js:3)



Noticed you guys added a console command to control stats on characters but how does it work. 

I'd initially thought it was going to be work as "stat.setvalue energy 100" or something but that isn't it so what are the proper commands? 

hey question.has the next story events been released yet . cuss my old version stops after the first area with the touched. waiting for next chap . if not out yet when wil it be?j


Iam Stuck at "Equipment to fight commander"...

Where to find them?

Just do the things in order, find explosives, progress the story, encounter allys, more story, get VR card, etc each time you progress Jenna talks to herself telling the player the next step.

i downloaded the game from this site i also downloaded .dll file but it's just not working for me please help

Looks like the download was corrupted, try downloading again and extracting everything into a new folder.

i redownloaded it but it shows the same thing

Can you take a screenshot of your extracted folder and send it over to our discord?

ok will do it

The barkeep will sometimes crash the game if you arent wearing norml clothes

This game have so much bug, and eat so much Ram :<

I get stuck in the bar when I finish the first day at the job event

Many hours in and the newest update has deleted my saves RIP. Great game tho.

try next time opening the old version save then open the new one and after opening the new one check your saves then close he old one

i have pain painstakingly attempted to get rid of this  resolution error  i turned off anti virus thinking it may be realted to that, then deleted all files related to this within app data and still get the same resolution error where it will you it failed to load the resolution and attempts to go to a lower one where it proceeds to produce the same resolution. The only reason i would like to mend this issue is due to my saves and from the pure amount of time invested on it.  Is there something i am missing regarding this? 

Great but the game freezes when exiting the gear shop menu

Um I can't use my mouse. like for some things i can but not for settings or browser or deleting saves or loading(with loading it hard to get the right file as well) anyone know why?

awesome story cant to see it finished. but all im saying is il be pissed if karren is dead or worse lol cuss those stories get me


How do I get the 'seduction' cg

when getin the boom from the dealer hel ask to have bugs planted round town . 0ne of em is in jail . get arested and convice the guards at the table so u can plant the bug .under the table

Where do you find the equipment to fight the commander with???

Does the perversion level affect anything storywise? Like, do you get a different ending if you have a high perversion?

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after bartending the skirt stays in my inventory and I cant remove it is there a way to fix this


I beat Wildfire and the game is locked in combat mode, is the scene not complete?

im having the same problem. Ive tried reloading but no matter what i do as soon as i beat wildfire vibe just stand there, cant do anything but pause the game. Cant even get into the inventory. Is this a problem with the game file? A bug?

No clue, dude

turn on console command in menu. tvpe battle.end

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Cheers, dude. (no change, though.)

I found a bug on Android. I downloaded the latest version of the game and skipped to 9.0.0, (I've played all of 9.0.0 on my computer) but after the fight I went to the guy who gives you the clothes back and he doesn't give me anything

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I've found a bug where I would try to buy something from the gearshop and it wouldn't let me walk or save the game. I had to load  a different save to get out of it, meaning I can't buy  anything unless I want to get stuck. (I play on mobile)

me too


How do you make devil's cum?

you have a book with the recipes at the bar you can turn the pages by clicking at the left and right

I really like the game but im cockblocked, it's been a few moths since i last played the game and I've updated the game. I still cant access the new content, gag rum wont work but I've been able to make drinks so I don't understand what I'm missing. Do I need to make a new save or uninstall and reinstall, is there a guide?.

You need the GAG whiskey, the explosives, do the VR center, and then a guard will pop up inside the motel. Talk to him.

I've already done all that talked to Throb in the Inn and did all of his side quests still nothing.

I'm playing the windows x64 version but for some reason it just crashes after playing for sometimes even less than a minute. I've tried using a new save file but that didn't do anything. Anyone here with the same issue?

Is there a way to contact the developers? Cause I have been playing nonstop for a few hours and I have a lot of feedback that I think could help

We're easily reachable on our Discord server!

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Game breaking bug for Mac addition of this game; when one of the Rat spankers does the tenticle attack on the MC, it removes the hot bar from the battle and thus causing the game to be unplable. After shutting the game down and repooting it, the save file still has the MC immobalied in battles but she can still fight anyone that get's close.

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