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i didnt find him there

hopefully there will be a update in the future were you can remove the badge and delve into debauchery madness

I like the game, I hope to see a captain of the guards ending. Become his badge girl, play a devoted wife role, be the trophy wife. . .thts the dream☺. 

I talked to a guard at The Crossroads and Jenna said something about "having the alcohol for this guy" but needing to complete other tasks. I don't have a mission for this so I have absolutely no idea what to do here.

When I play this game, I often feel stuck. I got to the shocking reveal where Wildfire turns out to be you-know-who and after that point, I can find no way to progress the story. Is there even a story at this point or is that only for a pure playthrough?

The only story path I've found is the Peitho storyline which I can't progress on either.

I really just want to progress.

Heya, check your tab menu quest log, it should tell you what to do about the main story. Something should be in progress. If not, that sounds like a bug, please let us know in that case! :)

The Peitho ending is incomplete.

Thanks for the game, but it seems like there is a big issue with it.

I play on a MacBook Air 2020, first I tried on Google Chrome (latest version) but after a few hours there was a javascript error while loading a dialogue and I couln't do anything except refresh and restart the game. It did again after 1 hour (again in a dialogue).

Today I tried on Mozzilla Firefox. Same thing (especially in the bar when I have the choice between working (daytime), buy a dring or leave. Bam Javascript error again. First time after one hour, now it's like 10 minutes or everytime I go back to the bar. Which isn't good if I want to unlock the gallery with all the waitressing bar event at night ?

But still, interesting game, hope it will be fixed soon

FYI, now I'm stuck, I saved before asking to the bar owner to work, and when i go back asking him to work, javascript error.

Heya, can you join our discord and upload the save that crashes your game?

I like it it's a refreshing change to the bull crap on the Play store. It genuinely feels like I'm playing a game on a really beefed up OG Nintendo... Classic top down game play, But has a tendency to crash for me on my Android, my phone has over 4 GB of RAM so it has no problem playing it on maximum settings, the only part that just does not want to load is the hotel after you get out of the secret base and go into town plz fix. Other than all of that solid really good game good balance of adult content and challenging game. 👌

Heya, try reducing the texture quality, that might fix the crash.


can anyone help i downloaded this game on my android phone but it gets the screen frozen and then it goes out alone

Heya, try lowering the texture settings.


that's the problem i can't get into the game it gets frozen on the start screen

Can't help you then, sorry :c

no problems anyway thanks

Is there a console command to unlock specific pinups? I deleted my game to reset achievements but it also removed some pinups and did not replace them back into the game, such as the first 3, but I was able to find others for some reason


there is no command for specific ones

I'm stuck at the part where I need to find sublevel 1.  I've read the comments and none of the answers make any sense.

The level where Ridas tribe lives -> all the way in the east

Is there a way to reset achievements? I accidently loaded skipped content and unlocked a lot

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There's an Achievements.sav file in the following path: C:\Users\[your user name]\AppData\LocalLow\Anduo Games\Third Crisis

(If your Users\ folder isn't in your C: drive then you can find it by opening your Start Menu (Windows Key) and typing "Run", hit enter, and in the text box type %AppData% and it should take you to the right folder, and just click your way forward to the Third Crisis folder from there.)

Deleting it should reset your achievement progress. It worked for me, but I deleted the whole Third Crisis folder to also reset save files and Gallery unlocks. Unfortunately you can't rollback specific achievements (to my knowledge), its all or nothing.

Ok Thanks!

So is bar dancing I possible for me then.  I'm not even sure how I would've got it.. I keep ending up with the owning the bar route.. I I mean sure I can just avoid the bar and do the rest of story. But it's still upsetting I was never given any kind of option for it. And I thought working at the bar was the way to go. But I never was given an option to dance


don't know if this is the right place, or if i shold mention it somewhere else. But there is a minor spelling error, with the Townhall managar, after you went into the booth for the 2nd or 3rd time (first time with tail is ass).

Game Version is Windows 0.33.0

Has to be "... starting to do as i say, cow."

Look at the time of the updates, this game is not going to get a new update

It's already at 0.35.0 wdym?

Nvm for some reason didn't show me any updates from 2021

I stuck in the loading screen on Android, i don't know why after the Anduo Games logo appear its always freeze and stop with the frame of the place on the first picture this game website homepage. My device is Samsung Galaxy A01 Core, i think maybe my device can't handle this game.

Yeah, I'm having the same problem except I'm on windows

how does one do the boss battle involving vibes girlfriend i keep getting stuck on it..?

How do you do this?


sleep in the bed in the motel and go back the next day

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Thanks for response, Cannot sleep

end of content

Cant download the latest update for some reason


I am having a problem with the game, after i load it up and start playing i can get to Carceburg during the prologue but as soon as  try to get into the motel my game just dies. I can have everything down to the lowest setting and it still won't do it. I use the android version. Its starting to do me a heckin sad.


How do you get back to town from the camp in the new update?

how can i download the update and add it to the game ? 


Any word on the next update?


We're on it, most likely within the next 24 hours


Awesome! You guys are great, keep up the good work!

How do you beat the out of time mission

how do you get the new update?

Is the console accessible on mobile?

I can't play in the browser 

When does this happen?

So I might have thought of something if it's not in the game already... Is there any stray dog, monster or wolf/ wolf pack in the forest scenes besides the allrune flower girl later on? Is it something to be added? That would fit Jenna Nicely. I could have sworn somewhere in the beginning of the game they warn briefly how dangerous the forest is but that danger doesn't seem present... 

Just a suggestive question...

There is no beast content and there will not be any, sorry.

Understandable. I've seen too many games get banned or removed because of it. :( 

Thanks for your reply. It's still a great adult game. 

I think the Storehouse Raid quest is bugged for me, I got all 10 supplies but it won't let me get to the next part of the quest and I'm just stuck in the storehouse.

Playing on Android, so that's probably part of the reason.


Tengo un problema cuando entro al juego en Android se bloqua ni siquiera me deja jugar

The game just crash after loading in android

Like after loading a level or after loading the main menu?

no after i accept the thing in my android wait until i minute or Soo and click it just crash Soo fix it or not idk

If it's still a problem it might just be your phone, because mine can load up the game it just takes a couple seconds.


I have encountered a bug in the Android version of the game. I can make it through the tutorial and the way to the city just fine. However once the scene with the guards is done and I am supposed to move to the motel the game freezes and then crashes in the loading screen. I have also tried the console command to move to the motel with the same results. My Phone is the Poco X3 and I have Android 11 installed.

Any help or workarounds would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Try lowering the texture settings.

That did the trick. Thanks a lot! Awesome game btw (I have played it on pc before but wanted to try it on phone now)


You did a great job!

But I miss one thing, I would like to have an opportunity of entering the cell after the Floria fight to be killed or injured by Wildfire. Is it possible in a future update?

Thank you.


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I'm on the mission "A Night To Remember" and I can't seem to find Jewel, Idk if i just am not looking in the right place or what? Pretty sure its part of the new patch


I've been reading about people having a similiar issue,

I am playing on an Android 11 device and the game is running incredibly instable with constant crashes.

The experience before has been very pleasant tho

The game has been working great for me until the most recent update. Now frequently when I go through doors the game crashes on Android. Haven't had this problem till now.

Does this game just have a long loading time, or am I experiencing some sort of glitch (I'm playing on android)

On some android devices, the startup might take over a minute.

thanks, great game btw

I don't know if you've already been told this but there is a minor visual bug with the missions in the bar. They're nowhere near game-breaking but they are something I thought I might as well mention just in case. All they are is just that they usually are all stuck with the eliminate title even if they're not that mission and they don't show the rewards of said missions.


Hi Anduo, im loving this game a lot, its very fun, but i am stuck, probably because i missed a detail. I have no idea how to get into the storehouse, ive tried searching online but can't find anything, so my last resort is asking. But yeah. Thank you Anduo!

Heya, what does your questlog say?

Hi! Just wondering, are you guys cool with people making fanfics about Third Crisis? I'm kinda drafting/thinking up a little fluff piece with Jenna and Karen (plus I have some other smut fanfic ideas with Jenna I might get around to writing) and just wanna make sure you guys are cool with it! Ik that some devs/creators aren't comfortable with fanfics/art using their work and characters, and unfort I haven't found any fanfics about Third Crisis anywhere, so I don't have anything to use a sign of whether or not they're okay. 

Completely fine if you guys don't feel comfortable with fanfics about TC, just wanna make sure first and not post a fanfic without your guys' knowledge/approval! 

go for it as long as you don't sell it :)

Wouldn't dream of it! Don't think it's particularly good, but here's the link in case any of ya'll want to read it! It was actually fun to make and I'm hoping to write up a smut centric one soon!

Also, sorry about such a delayed response! Got a little busy and needed to push back the final touches on the fanfic a few days!

That's awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! :)

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