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Wow, you've been working... v32 and still kicking.

"I... I... Request permission to follow you Senpai!!!"

 Just jking. But Seriously, now that's a dedicated development team worth at the very least, following. Keep up the good work! Hope it get's finished before the dev team gets too burnt out... Not that I'm entitled to a reply back. I'm no patron after all, but, if I may ask, how is the team holding up? Is there any need for concern? Honestly, I'm just genuinely curious. The "fans" like to know these things from time to time. After all, the development team is human too. At least, I would like to think so... not really big on well oiled machines but "to each their own..."

Well, that's a first xD

We're doing great! We're slowly reaching the end of planned development for TC, so 1.0. For that, there's still a lot to do, but it's on the horizon.

Of course after years of development, we're itching for something new, but we're making sure to take time off to keep it fresh.

Thanks for the concern! ♥

That's good news. Thanks for sharing. Yeah, I'm not afraid to speak my mind. Even if it's weird... Was hoping you'd get a good laugh out of it anyway. Everyone could use a good laugh every now and again. Nothing wrong with being happy. Keep up the... lewd work lol ^_^ As far as feedback goes, uhh, I think it's really cool that the bugs are kept to a minimal and that they are getting fixed as soon as content gets released for the most part instead of the alternative. I can only imagine that fixing bugs as they surface is keeping the rest of the game from getting worse as more is added to it. It has quite a long story and a lot to it from what I've seen. It just seems to make sense. Ingenious I would say even. Kind of like when one bulb goes out on a light strip, the rest of the strip goes out from the point of the blown light bulb. I'm just only guessing though. I really actually don't know anything about that. Wonder if the logic is sound. But anyway if that's the case, all the more power to you & good on ya. Other than that, can't really think of anything new for you anyway. Can't think of anything that the teams probably already thought of or already put in the game or is even already working on & on the way...  Who knows, maybe I'll think of something. And if I do I'll be sure to send the idea your way. It's the least I can do. ;) Suppose that's that for now then, see ya around. And stay happy. It beats boredom, which tends to put people to sleep :/ and then you wake up, usually unpleasantly or unexpectedly... weird things happen when you fall asleep around others... especially at parties... yeah... it's not fun being left vulnerable like that... where was I?. oh yeah, I believe in you, you got this! ^_^

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Hi I'm up to a night to remember mission and I can't seem to find Jewel is this part of the game not finished yet or something but if the game is finished for this mission in game can you please update it on steam please much appreciated


when i first started playing this i was having doubts. But I continued to play and i got really really into it. 10 out of 10 from me


If I buy the Steam  version, the game will keep updating for free?

yes, just one version behind patreon.



No complaints, issues or problems whatsoever. Just wanted to drop in to say Third Crisis is genuinely fucking awesome. The porn/NSFW aspect of it is really enjoyable and fun, and it's great that you guys/gals thought of different things that the player might do and implemented them for a more dynamic experience (i.e., Jenna will only willingly take off her clothes after a certain perversion score, dialogue changes with townsfolk if Jenna has her top open vs. if she doesn't, taking off her panties and/or bra actually reflects her appearance and changes her look on the character sheet across all different outfits, not just the vibrosuit, etc.). Even the non-porn aspects of the game are fun to play around with, like the combat system and the ability for enemies to degrade Jenna and her allies' armor in battle, making each fight more than just a mindless hack and slash. Without a doubt, Third Crisis is among the highest quality NSFW games to be found on the internet, period. 

Plus, ya'll over at Anduo Games are genuinely fucking awesome. I've already gushed about how Third Crisis is a high quality game (both for porn and frankly just in general) in artwork, writing, mechanics, and everything else I haven't mentioned. But not only is this a great (and ever improving) game, you guys/gals are active in the community, not snarky when people ask for help or are confused, and aren't the kind of developers who sets up a Patreon to collect money and then go MIA for months or even years at a time without a single word (which unfort is a common practice especially with NSFW games). 

Gaming community here is a hell of a lot better with Third Crisis and more importantly, you guys/gals at Anduo Games in it. So, thanks for sharing this masterpiece of a game with us here. 


Aww thanks! I've forwarded your comment to the team and they're very happy :D

I saw there's a command for Modmenu, is there any mods available or still a work in progress?

Mod support is experimental. It's uncertain whether it's getting finished or not.


can someone  tell me how to Shape Leila into a Peitho Dump ?

You're in unfinished content. Load the last save from before the townhall basement to get back to the other content.

ok thx
but when will new content come ? just want to know XD 


Me too Kid - Album on Imgur


Where are the current save game files? I came back to this game after a while and now the game no longer uses the saves here: Users/(Your Name)/AppData/LocalLow/Anduo Games/Third Crisis/Saves.

That's where they are saved. In the windows version, there's also a button in the load menu that opens the save folder for you

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The "Open Folder" option in the menu doesn't work and when I tried creating a new save it was saved to an uknown location. I also tried deleting the folder in the .../LocalLow/ location then uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and it didn't recreate that folder in the above location. However the new save I created still showed up, so it's gotta be saved somewhere other than the game's main and secondary folders.

I just figured out a temporary solution to the issue. When I open the game with the itch launcher I don't see my main save games, however, when I directly launch the game (click on the game file) all my saves show up. Don't know what's wrong with itch, but there's some kind of the conflict between the launcher and game.

Weird.. Thanks for letting us know. Maybe it redirects file access to locallow to another folder? Sounds very weird though.

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Normally the game closes itself but since you updated it and it stopped closing itself while its loading, it still freezes itself and makes it impossible for me to play the game.


i can download this right for free

Where can I find the soundtracks used for the game?

will put more languages?


We don't wanna add yet another layer of complication to the development process. We'll look into translation when the game is finished content wise.

Is there a chance that you will include skip content for those wishing to go through the story without any perversion?

You can use the console to set perversion to 0 at any time:

If needed i can help creating an italian translation of the game


Thanks, but we don't wanna add yet another layer of complication to the development process. We'll look into translation when the game is finished content wise.

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Just wanted to say: Thanks for letting me work with you in writing the early bartender minigame text. It wasn't what you 100% were looking for but I enjoyed working with you, you were professional and you paid on time, amount as agreed and gifted me a patreon copy of the game on top, which I was not expecting. Rock on guys. I will always remember working with you.


Thanks for having worked with us and for leaving a comment! We wish you all the best! c:

I'm having some problems with the game it stays on this screen until it closes by itself

how does the dash work?  i press 3 but there's no targeting squares or anything



Need the version in spanish please


There is no translations yet.

Need help?

Thanks, but we don't wanna add yet another layer of complication to the development process. We'll look into translation when the game is finished content wise.

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Awesome, keep up the great work!


Portuguese too, how we can help translate?

Thanks, but we don't wanna add yet another layer of complication to the development process. We'll look into translation when the game is finished content wise.

I downloaded it but I can't get past the logo. Pd: I'm using a Sansumg A11. I've also tried VMOS and just made it to the main menu. Guess I'll wait till next release


we love it 😉😀


after third crisis would you be making a first and second crisis game?

This game looks like a lot of fun but it doesn't work on my android. It's a shame


It works for me ....

Hello i have been crashing quite a bit on android but i could mostly keep going until the first rain event after leaving the old house am unable to move down past the gate the coffee guy was crashing right before it loads in.

Since am using a A70 could it be the video settings/gaming setting or because its in secure folder maybe?


What if you guys make a Kickstarter? To help more about this game


There's a patreon 😁

When was the Mac support dropped? :( That is lame. I have version 0.27.1, but I can't update.. :(


We never had native mac support. I'm assuming you're talking about the web version? There's a bug in unity's loader code that makes it so the latest macos doesn't work. We've got a fix and will put it in the next release.

OH, Yea. that is what I meant. That is what I was using.

really love the game, nice artwork!

Hi Anduo  Games I have been playing this game on my HTC Butterfly j 3 and it was working fine but since I changed my phone to Moto Z Play the game isn't working at all it's saying Third Crisis has stopped please help

We're working on it

Oky.. And Hear That I Installed VMOS On my device and installed 5.1 Android and game did start for a little and then I changed the resolution of OS to 720x1280 and game started and work for a 5 min straight than crashed. And the game is working pretty good on low setting of game but still crash at some places.

Thanks For The Game BTW.

The next patch should bring performance fixes for android that have made it work on fairly old android tablet, which had the same issue you described.

Ok Looking Forward To It.

Where and how did you change the resolution on your phone

Hi Anduo Games and thanks a lot for your rare kind of adult game creation ! I'm doing letsplay video of hentai game and I would like to chekc with you if it's ok to publish videos on your game ? (and I'm making a bit of ads revenue from this just like any youtuber)

Go for it, tho I doubt youtube will leave your videos up because of adult content. Either way, feel free to also share the content in our discord!

Thanks a lot !

I really like the game but sometimes when I press E to progress in dialogue, I get softlocked and cant move forward

keypad codes pls? :c

fuck! i stuck in feitho training base how to get out ?

you get out using a save from before you were in

TON OF FUCKING SEX SCENES. Thanks for the free game! Also, please make it an option to unlock animated scenes. Thanks.

The best NSFW game i've ever played

how do i sleep in the tunnels part? (i've got the option only the first time)

Love the game and I play on an android galaxy note 10 plus but the game crashes allot when it goes through a loading screen to the point where it's pretty much unplayable.  Any tips on fixing?

We're working on it

Hello, so I've run into a problem where the game runs fine on Android. Right until I run into the two guards that find the women after curfew. After the motel owner takes you back to the motel my game crashes at the loading screen.

We're working on it

what the ''Sex Addict'' statistic does?

It's currently unused.

Question, any plans for making 3rd Crisis Linux usable? I was playing it on a Linux machine in the browser for quite a while.

Heya, sorry but no plans at the moment.

so is the end at the moment (carefull  could be a SPOILER)

i should make some work before i go to sleep?

cause i cant do anything anymore.
great gmame again, btw! :)

Sounds like you're in the Peitho bad end, which is unfinished. Check the gallery for hints of how to get the rest of the game! To get out of the bad end, you'll have to load a previous save. If you don't have one, check the autosaves.

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oh i see okay good to know.

i was already thinking damn son thats some dark shit going on here... :D

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